Our Mission

To take the pain out of personal finances.

Our Story

As a young boy, I watched my family deal with a great deal of stress from unsecured debt. This forced us to live paycheck to paycheck. I didn't know how to deal with it. I put $10 I had earned from my paper route in an envelope and gave it to my mother, hoping it would bring relief; instead, it brought tears.

As I grew up, I mistakenly thought that I needed to become wealthy to prevent this from happening to my own family. I didn't focus on the root issue, which is that very few people learn how to save and spend money effectively. In addition to the lack of education, the taboo around 'money talk' and subsequent lack of conversations created strife in my personal relationships as a result of different expectations around money saving and spending. In order to tackle these issues, I realized the power of utilizing data to not only help people get out of debt, but also help them stay out of debt through money management techniques.

And so, Ascend was built.

Our Vision

Ascend takes the pain out of personal finance for you by:

  1. Using data, machine learning, and automation to maximize your debt reduction and minimize your cost.
  2. Teaching fun, simple, habit-forming steps to help you stay out of debt.
  3. Always learning from and growing with you to meet your needs and build a financial product that best fits you.

Is Ascend for You?

Ascend is for people who are willing to make a change in order to get out of debt and stay out of debt. See Ascend's recent interview with BadCredit that highlights how Ascend has relieved the debt burden of thousands of people. We automate as much as possible on our end, but there are still changes that our customers have to learn and implement in order to become financially free. So, is Ascend a good fit for you?

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