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UpRight Law Reviews: Based on 6246 Experiences

Written by Ben Tejes
Updated Oct 5th, 2022
Did you just call Upright Law at (888) 445-0421 and the call immediately dropped? What is Upright Law and how much does it cost? 

UpRight Law is one of the biggest national bankruptcy law firms in the United States. You may have seen UpRight Law’s ads pitching a $0 down bankruptcy. If you decide to file bankruptcy with UpRight law, you will actually be paired with one of UpRight law’s partner attorneys who will actually handle the case. Thus, if you want to know the experience that you’ll have, you may have to look at the attorney’s reviews who will file your case to understand your own bankruptcy filing experiences. 

That said, there is still a lot to glean from reviewing the Upright Law reviews, so the purpose of this article is to provide an exhaustive list of Upright Law reviews to help you make the most informed decision.

How Much Does Bankruptcy Cost?

While it was difficult to find a specific cost of filing with UpRight law online, we built a calculator that uses actually attorney fees in your area to estimate the cost based on your zip code and city below.

Before you speak with an attorney, you may want to estimate how much UpRight law costs and whether you qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which is often the lowest cost option and also the fastest debt relief option.  For example, Chapter 7 can last 4 months until you get debt freedom compared to a Chapter 13 bankruptcy which can last 3 or 5 years.

UpRight Law Google Reviews

It takes some digging, but the UpRight Law Google Reviews is 4.0 based on 1,713 reviews. Google Reviews is an open platform, meaning anyone with a Google Account can post a review for any business they would like to. Most of the time, there is no verification process that would prevent someone from posting a review. Because of this, it’s important to look for information within the reviews that would make it clear that the reviewer actually did work with the company. With this in mind, let's look at the Google Reviews for UpRight Law. 

Positive UpRight Law Reviews

For the most part, UpRight’s Google Reviews are pretty good. There are many people who recount professional services, efficient processes, and responsive customer service. In fact, one client wrote that, even though filing for bankruptcy is emotionally taxing, UpRight Law made it easier than they thought possible. With the hundreds of positive reviews, it may seem as though UpRight Law is mostly good. However, it is important to realize that there are a variety of times that people post positive reviews. Take this review as an example:

Upright 5 Star Google Reviews

Reviewer Ernest recorded the entire process in his review. Because of this, you can trust that a positive review is more informed. However, oftentimes, you can find reviews that only recount a single good encounter. These reviews often come after an initial contact, when customer service is on their A-game and the client feels an overwhelming sense of upcoming relief. This form of review helps the overall score but doesn’t necessarily give an accurate review of working with the company. So, when looking through the reviews on Google, make sure you consider what part of the process the good review is about. 

Negative UpRight Law Reviews

Despite having mostly positive reviews, there are many negative reviews that need to be considered. Because of the way UpRight Law works, you aren’t necessarily working with the company itself. Instead, you are working with one of their lawyer partners. Since you aren’t working directly with UpRight Law, the experiences clients talk about tend to mostly surround the attorney or law office that UpRight pairs the client with.  However, this does still raise some concerns if you are considering working with UpRight. Some client reviews complain that they were matched up with a law office that was unprofessional, charged them more than they expected, and was unavailable to talk about their case. There are also some complaints of clients continuing to be charged well after they had canceled their contract. 

Reviewer Wesley Smith recorded his negative experience with UpRight Law. According to his review, he has strung along for a period of time without communication. After learning that he didn’t qualify for the bankruptcy he was planning on filing for, he tried to cancel his service. Unfortunately, the refund that he was promised took much longer to receive than he was told. He also recounted that their customer service was horrible and that he was treated poorly. It is important to keep in mind that part of this service likely came from the attorney and not from UpRight Law. 

You also want to take a look at reviews from other trustworthy platforms. The following is a compilation of other reviews we think will be super helpful to have a holistic view of UpRight Law. 

Trustpilot Reviews

TrustPilot has thousands of reviews on Upright Law, with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Like Google Reviews, the vast majority of reviews are positive, though there are negative reviews sprinkled throughout. A lot of the positive reviews simply have five-star ratings without any explanation. Also, most positive reviews show that the reviewer was invited to review. While this isn’t always the case, it's a common practice for companies to send out requests to review after the first or second interaction, while their client is still happy. Be sure to consider the content of the review as well as the rating. 

Upright Law reviews rating and reviews on TrustPilot

BBB Reviews and Rating

Compared to the two other review platforms we have looked at, BBB has extremely negative reviews. Currently, UpRight Law has an F rating and an average score of 2.43 out of 5 stars. UpRight Law is not an accredited BBB company. This doesn’t mean too much, however, as a company simply has to pay for accreditation from the BBB. 

It’s also important to take a look at the number of complaints on the platform. There is an astounding 556 complaints about UpRight Law. Many of the complaints are from individuals saying they aren’t sure why they are being contacted. For example, individuals stated they never initially tried to work with UpRight. Other complaints surround refunds that took over 100 days to process instead of 45 days. 

There are still great reviews on UpRight’s BBB page, though not as many as the negative reviews. The positive reviews tend to be short and to the point. Most positive reviews recount helpful attorneys, easy processes, and desirable outcomes. 

Upright Law reviews on BBB and BBB rating showing F

Yelp Reviews

While Yelp is often a well-trusted platform for a variety of businesses, UpRight’s Yelp page only has four reviews. Despite this, it’s still important to take into consideration. Even a lack of reviews can be telling of a company. 

Of the four reviews, one is a five-star review and the other three are only one-star reviews. While the positive review claimed that his experience was great from start to finish, the negative reviews painted a very different picture. One man claimed that UpRight’s customer service acted more like a sales team and less like a company attempting to help people in debt. This led to him paying thousands of dollars and only getting the run around from the people who promised to help. 

Please note that this rating is only based on 4 reviews.

Upright Law reviews on Yelp showing 2 stars based on 4 reviews


Dirty Scam Reviews

Dirty Scam reviews is a unique website that really focuses on the negative experiences clients have with companies. While it doesn’t have a rating system, it does have reviews. These reviews are almost exclusively bad, as Dirty Scam really is a place to complain about companies you don’t like. Nevertheless, it is interesting to read through. A lot of the complaints are valid and thorough. 

One review calls UpRight Law a scam and recounts how he lost thousands of dollars after trying to work with them. One review claimed that, after giving their information online, they received 5-6 calls every day. And another wrote that she had to set up a payment plan and that — despite agreeing to $300 each month — she was charged $500 every month until she was forced to cancel her agreement. 

GlassDoor Employee Reviews

While reading through reviews on GlassDoor will typically only give you the view of the employees at the business, it can also give you an inside view of how the company runs. On GlassDoor, UpRight has an average rating of 3.4. It is interesting to note that many of the complaints found on GlassDoor surround an ever-changing work environment, inconsistent management, and a lack of effective help. 

Though I didn’t go through every review, there was one noticeable negative review that should be pointed out. On the main page of UpRight’s GlassDoor review, there is a scathing negative review that looks as though it is coming from an employee — and a high-up employee at that. However, after reading through the review, it is clear that it was written by a client posing as an employee and not an actual employee, or at least not a high-up employee. If you come across any incredibly negative reviews, make sure to consider the content. It may turn out to be a disgruntled client posing as an employee. 

UpRight Law Reviews Combined

When researching companies like this, it’s important that you take into account a wide range of reviews. Going through multiple websites can ensure that you have a well-rounded and (mostly) unbiased review of the company you are considering working with. In this article, we have combined reviews on UpRight Law from multiple different sites. 

Based on Google, TrustPilot, BBB, and Yelp combined, UpRight Law has a 4.26 rating based on 6246 reviews.

Ascend Bankruptcy Attorney Network Reviews Combined 

Ascend has built a strong network of attorneys nationwide that provide free bankruptcy consultations to individuals looking for bankruptcy relief. For example, Ascend has a nationwide bankruptcy attorney network. 

Ascend's network has an average Google rating of 4.9 based on 4272 reviews

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Considering everything, there seems to be a common theme with UpRight Law’s negative reviews. An astonishing number of reviews stated that the client was shocked when they began working with a law office separate from UpRight. My theory is that a good number of negative reviews came from people who may not have fully understood what UpRight does — which is to connect people with attorneys to help with their bankruptcy cases. Whether that came from intentional misinformation or just a lack of clear communication, I believe this misunderstanding can account for a good number of upset clients. 

Despite this, there are still a good number of negative reviews that discuss charges, late refunds, and customer service. If you are considering working with UpRight Law, make sure you take the time to read through their reviews and see for yourself what the public has to say about their services. One of the best things you could do is try to find someone you know who has directly worked with UpRight and talk through their experience! And, as always, if you would like to talk to someone about what your debt relief options are, feel free to reach out to Ascend at any time. We would love to talk to you!