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A gift card can be worth more to one individual than another. For example, someone could receive a gift card for a birthday or Christmas, but prefer cash. There’s an exchange that purchases gift cards at a discount and than resells those at a discount. This can produce a unique opportunity to save even more money at places you already shop.

My favorite is the gift card exchange called Gift Card Granny, which aggregates different gift card sellers. You would be surprised at how much money it will save you!

Here are a few cards that I either purchase often or have really good rates:

  1. H & M – Up to a 39% discount (personal favorite)
  2. Applebees – Up to a 27% discount
  3. TJ Maxx – Up to a 22% discount
  4. Olive Garden – Up to a 21% discount
  5. Chipotle – Up to a 17% discount
  6. Einstein Bros Bagels Gift Card – Up to a 45% discount
  7. Jamba Juice – Up to a 22% discount

What does it mean that you can get discounted gift cards?

Let’s say that you are going to eat at Applebees this evening.  Using Gift Card Granny, you are able to purchase a $100 gift card for $73 and potentially use that gift card this evening if you selected the mobile gift card.

This can even work while shopping in the store. Let’s say you found something that you wanted to purchase at TJ Maxx. You have the option to purchase the discounted gift card in the store, receive the code, and then take that to the register to complete the purchase.


Purchasing discounted gift cards can be a unique way to save even more money on your purchase. It won’t work on stores where the gift card is worth the same as cash (ex: Amazon), but it can be a great addition to your saving strategy.

Post Author: Ben

Ben is a co-founder and writer for Ascend Finance. Before Ascend, Ben held various executive roles at personal finance companies. In his free time, Ben enjoys spending time going on adventures with his wife and two young daughters.