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You are potentially looking for New York Debt Relief Org reviews, but are having trouble finding them.When looking for debt-relief options, you will see an advertisement for New York debt relief that appears like this below.

One of the things to consider is its reviews. The New York Debt Relief website has sparse reviews, and the answers might be shocking when you look deeper. Our article will help you understand;

  • What is New York Debt Relief
  • The costs- How much does New York Debt Relief org cost
  • reviews
  • Alternatives you can pursue other than New York Debt Relief
  • New York Debt Relief pros and cons.

We have also built a comparison calculator that helps you weigh different debt options to help you choose one that fits your situation. The calculator will give answers depending on your income and expenses to ensure you get accurate costs for different debt relief options and their pros and cons.

What is New York Debt Relief? 

It is an organization that provides for other debt settlement companies. So, as an individual looking to get out of debt, you cannot sign with the company directly. However, they can recommend the best debt settlement company to sign up with.

The FTC has set up rules which keep debt settlement companies from charging upfront fees. The rules help protect consumers seeking relief from debt from shady and cunning activities of some debt settlement companies. However, an exception exists for attorney-based debt settlement firms, which can take up-front fees. The other companies will get their pay after successfully helping their clients negotiate an agreement.

How Much Does New York Debt Relief Org Cost? 

At Ascend, we educate our customers about different debt relief options, helping them understand the pros and cons of each. We believe, like other debt-relief options, debt settlement can be a good option, but after you evaluate your other options and understand the advantages and disadvantages.

To help our customers make an informed choice, we built a debt relief cost comparison calculator which enables you to evaluate different debt relief options. You input your income and expenses and get costs customized for you.

So, how much does New York Debt Relief Org cost?

Since the New York Debt Relief organization refers customers to other debt relief providers, we can understand its true cost by looking at its recommended debt relief providers.

New York Debt Relief refers individuals mostly to Clear One Advantage, which states in its FAQ that it only takes a fee after successful negotiations. However, this doesn’t explain the costs in depth. The FAQ section says the company has an estimated 20% enrolled debt, but Finder states the fee is mostly 25%.

When you use our Ascend calculator, you might get an estimate of a company we work with that charges 15%, significantly lower than the 25% fee from Clear One Advantage. Most of the companies New York Debt Relief org recommends are high compared to the small but effective debt settlement companies that we recommend, which charge between 15 and 17%. While the difference in percentage may not seem much, it could save you thousands of dollars and help you get rid of debt.

How are the New Reviews? 

When conducting your research, you may have noticed how hard it is to find reviews for New York Debt Relief. However, if you dig deeper, you can find a few reviews for their parent company- Envoy Media Group. You will also find reviews for ClearOne Advantage, a company to New York Debt Relief that refers most of its clients. Here is a broad summary of the reviews on Google, Yelp, and BBB:

Super Money Review 

The reviews of New York Debt Relief org on Super Money are positive. Smith J. has left a detailed review explaining his experience using the company. He says using the platform was helpful and eventful, and he got value for his time. Smith emphasizes the site helped him identify the best debt relief option for him.

He, however, goes ahead to say their online debt estimator brings out false figures, although their services are quite helpful, and the company helps connect users with the best debt settlement companies in the market.

Trustlink Review

New York Debt Relief, through the parent company Envoy Media Group, has a profile on TrustLink. Unfortunately, it has no reviews at the money, so it is not helpful.

Google Reviews (of ClearOne Advantage)

Since New York Debt Relief is not a debt settlement company, it is essential to understand the reviews of the company it refers customers to. Most of their customers are referred to ClearOne Advantage, which has 920 reviews on Google and an average rating of 3.9 out of 5. The rating is lower compared to the company we recommend. Here is a screenshot of the reviews at the time of writing this article:

The Kelly Austin review stands out as she claims ClearOne Advantage was helpful and stood by her and her family when they needed a considerably large debt consolidation. Kelly says the company helped them resolve problems and other challenges that came up during the process.

While Kelly’s review is quick to get you to work with the company, another user described the company as a rip-off because they charged her double what was agreed upon. She further claims the organization’s program made it difficult to withdraw from and advises customers to handle negotiations by themselves since her credit rating is below 500 at the moment.

BBB Reviews ( Of ClearOne Advantage)

On BBB, Clear One Advantage has 508 customer reviews and an average rating of 3.75 out of 5. The company has had 216 complaints in the last three years, most of which were about the company fees. Customers complained that their fee was sometimes as high as 25% of the enrolled debt, while most complained further about their slow negotiations and numerous lawsuits from creditors.

Yelp Reviews (of the ClearOne Advantage) 

When we were writing this piece, ClearOne Advantage had 38 reviews on Yelp, and only one customer rated it 1-star. The reviews on Yelp majorly had customers complain about their exorbitant fees, while others complained about poor communication from the company and their delay in settling debt. Manually calculating the rating from the reviews has the average score at 2.4 out of 5 stars.

Digging In Deeper

New York Debt Relief was founded in 2005 and has connected people seeking to get out of debt to debt settlement companies for 17 years. They boast an A+ rating on BBB with the organization. However, from the reviews above, you might want to be careful and reconsider the company they refer you to.

New York Debt Relief Reddit

There isn’t any review about New York Debt Relief on Reddit.

Most Reddit discussions remain general on debt relief, with most threads verifying how legitimate and effective the debt relief process is. The contributions were interesting as some believe debt relief is a bad call as it reduces your credit score, while others believe it is worth it to get out of debt when your creditors are willing to work out a plan with you.

Is New York Debt Relief on BBB?

Yes, it is. However, when you directly search for “New York Debt Relief” on BBB, you might not get results, leading you to believe the platform doesn’t have reviews. However, since Envoy Media Group represents New York Debt Relief, find it through the parent company. You will find a rating of 4.56 out of 5 stars from the 25 customer reviews on the platform. Interestingly, there aren’t any complaints.

Are there Alternatives to New York Debt Relief Org?

Yes, there are. The three main reputable alternatives to New York Debt Relief org are:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Debt Relief (CuraDebt)
  • Debt Management

Let’s discuss these alternatives in detail: 


It is a debt relief option that helps people sinking in debt get a fresh start by creating a flexible repayment plan through Chapter 13 or liquidating their assets to pay off their debt through Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a government program that has laws that mandate creditors to accept the bankruptcy order issued by the courts, even if it means accepting less for the debt than initially owned.

For example, assuming you owe a credit card totaling $120,000 and file for bankruptcy. Provided you demonstrate to the courts your inability to make monthly payments, the court can issue a discharge from your debt, and that means your creditors cannot ask or harass you for the debt again.

There are two types of bankruptcy-Chapter 7 and 13. Chapter 7, also known as liquidation bankruptcy, involves the bankruptcy court asking a bankruptcy trustee to sell the debtor’s asset to repay unsecured debtors. You can get more information on Chapter 7 bankruptcy here,

On the other hand, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is referred to as repayment bankruptcy, and it seeks to restructure your debt repayment plan and totals. While you will still be repaying your debt, you can repay it for lower than the original debt you owe. Read more on Chapter 13 here.

Here are the pros and cons of bankruptcy


  • After filing for bankruptcy, your debtors cannot pursue you requesting debt payment
  • You can use bankruptcy to get rid of debt three years or older
  •  Bankruptcy offers a fresh start after getting you out of debt
  • There are state and federal exemptions that can protect your assets from liquidation
  • You can apply for bankruptcy severally


  • It only helps get rid of unsecured debt
  • Could affect your credit rating
  • You might lose your current credit cards
  • Your name will be on public court records
  • The process is lengthy and could take some months before getting a bankruptcy discharge


It is a debt relief firm that helps people seeking debt relief by negotiating debt reduction on their behalf. CuraDebt has a 4.8 rating on Google and a 5-star rating on BBB with an A+ rating. It offers debt settlement services to help indebted consumers exit debt by paying their creditors less than they owe. You can take this test and see if they qualify.

The company follows the TCPA and FDCPA rules and uses them to its advantage. CuraDebt identifies the violations of the rules and uses them to negotiate their settlement. For example, in some cases, you can get an outright debt dismissal. They offer a free consultation to help you decide if debt settlement is ideal. You can ask debt-related questions during the consultation and later decide if you’d like to proceed. They will claim you can achieve freedom from debt between a year and two. You can check if you qualify here.


  • You will not pay before a successful debt negotiation
  • They offer a free consultation where you can determine if debt settlement is the best option for you
  • Top-level experts help negotiate with your creditors
  • Impressive online reviews and reasonable charge fees


  • You cannot monitor the negotiation process
  • There isn’t mobile app accessibility

In Summary

New York debt relief refers to indebted consumers to ClearOne Advantage and, thus, is a lead sales funnel to them and other debt settlement companies in New York. However, it is essential to understand the rating and reviews of the company they recommend you to. Understand the fees, see other user experiences and make an informed decision.

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