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Progressive Debt Relief is a debt settlement company. They negotiate with creditors on the borrower’s behalf to find a lower payment for a delinquent debt. They have been in business for 16 years and offer free consultations for prospective clients. Though they have had a long history in the business, you may be wondering if they are a reliable company. This article will look through the different reviews you can find covering Progressive Debt Relief. Let’s get started!

Things to Consider

There are some things that you should keep in mind while researching a potential debt relief company. These are just a few:

When Was The Review Written?

Any business knows that public reviews are integral to attracting more clients. But they also know that there are points in time when clients are more satisfied than at other times. For instance, for a service like debt settlement, most clients are most satisfied and excited at the beginning of the process — before their credit score has dropped and they’ve had to pay debt settlement fees.

Because of this, some companies try to have new clients review their services very early in the debt relief process. So when you are reading through reviews, make sure you understand what the reviewer is reviewing! Are they complimenting the incredible customer service that came right before the sales pitch? Make sure the positive reviews you are trusting are discussing the entire process of the debt settlement, and not just the promises they make at the beginning.

Is The Company Established?

Does the company have experience? Have they been established for years with a history that backs up their success? Even if they have thousands of perfect reviews, if the company is only 6 months old, you can’t necessarily rely on the company’s stability. On the other side of the coin,  Even if a company has been established for decades, if they still have an overall terrible rating, it still may not be trustworthy, despite its years in business. 

What Are The Best And Worst Reviews?

You want to make sure you are getting a broad range of reviews. This is important so that you can fully understand how the company works. If you only read the negative reviews or you only read the positive reviews, then you will have a one-sided view of the company. Instead, make sure you get a well-rounded review of the company.

With these questions in mind, let’s start looking at different review platforms.

BBB Reviews

Progressive Debt Relief has an average rating of 4.43 out of 5 stars. However, this is only from an average of 7 customer reviews. BBB has given PDR a rating of A+. The lack of customer reviews is a little worrisome, especially since BBB is one of the most used and trusted review platforms online. However, the reviews are consistent. 

Out of the 7 reviews, 6 of them are 5 stars, and one of them was only one star. The one-star review claimed that working with a debt settlement company was not necessary and that they should have settled the debt themselves. The five-star reviews were excellent and seemed to be reviewing the total process of the debt settlement process, not just the initial point of contact. 

Though there are few reviews that can be found on the BBB platform, they are very positive reviews in all. There are also 16 complaints listed on the company’s BBB page. All of these have been marked as either resolved or answered. 

Google Reviews

There are 296 Google reviews on Progressive Debt Relief. They have an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars, which is very good for a debt settlement program. When looking through the reviews, it is interesting to note that their only negative reviews are from over three years ago. In fact, there are only 3 reviews lower than 4-stars from the past 3 years. The rest of the reviews are 4-star or higher. 

The other interesting thing to realize is that many of the 5-star reviews that have been recently left do not explain the review. Some reviewers (like the one above) also sound as though they had just gotten off their initial point of contact call, which means they may not be an accurate portrayal of their services. 

Despite the massive amounts of reviews without explanation, there are still some reviews that claim PDR really does a great job from start to finish. 

Facebook Reviews

Unlike many other debt settlement companies, Progressive Debt Relief has reviews available on its Facebook Company Profile. There are 80 reviews, with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Facebook reviews show either that the reviewer recommends or doesn’t recommend the company. A vast majority of users recommend Progressive Debt Relief and left glowing reviews. PDR was also very responsive on Facebook, frequently thanking the reviewers for their kind words. 

PDR Website

The Progressive Debt Relief website does have a spot for client testimonials. They link to their Google Reviews at the top of their testimonial page. Below that, they have six testimonials listed along with images of families (which may or may not be stock images…) 

All of these testimonials are extremely positive and sing praises of Progressive Debt Relief. While this might sound good, it can be hard to explicitly trust the reviews that you can find on a company’s website. Many times, there is not an open forum style of reviewing on a website for fear of being inundated with negative reviews. Because of this, you can know that the company either filters through the reviews that are sent to them, or they target clients they know are happy for reviews. This gives the viewer a biased view of the company, as they get to paint themselves in the most positive light possible. 


There are a surprising amount of extremely positive reviews available on review platforms for PDR. While this can be encouraging, there are still some concerns surrounding the low amount of reviews. However, this is something that you will have to consider for yourself! Keep researching the company and ask around to see if you know a friend who has worked with PDR — their review may be one of the most trustworthy reviews you can find! If you want to explore other debt settlement options, take our free debt settlement calculator below. And if you would like to talk through the options you have, give Ascend a call at 833-272-3631!

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