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Beyond Finance Reviews: Is It Legitimate?

Written by Ben Tejes
Updated Nov 16th, 2022
Did you get a mailer from Beyond Finance stating you can consolidate debt for a low interest rate of 5.99%? Did you know that Ascend purchases certain debt consolidation mail? Was the company upfront about the fees? Is Beyond Finance legitimate?

The purpose of this article is to help you understand what Beyond Finance does, show you the cost, exposes you to the reviews, and show alternatives.
The goal is to help you make the most informed decision to get you out of debt cheaper, easier, and faster.

What is Beyond Finance?

According to BBB, Beyond Finance have been in business for 18 years. The company settles debt in what's known as debt relief. Some people consider this as a debt consolidation program, but that's not to be mistaken as a debt consolidation loan.

Beyond Finance's site says that a majority of their clients have their debt settled in as early as 4 months. It states it provides an average savings of 50%, but how much does it cost?

Are Beyond Finance Fees Too Expensive? Compare the Fees

Most debt relief companies charge a percentage based on your enrolled debt amount. So if you enroll $50,000 of debt in the Beyond Finance consolidation program, you would most likely pay between 15-25% of your enrolled debt amount.

How much does Beyond Finance cost compared to what you're currently paying? How long will you have to pay the fee and how does that fee compare to other companies like Beyond Finance?

This question was so important that we built a free debt relief cost comparison calculator below, so you can understand the all-in cost to get out of debt and how long it will take.

A Deeper Dive Into the Cost

Debt settlement companies traditionally include their fees in the monthly estimate, but the FEES can be very high, which is why I wanted to dig deep into Beyond Finance's fees.

In Beyond Finance's FAQ, Beyond Finance states a fee of 15-25% of enrolled debt. That's a huge range, so I looked closer into it's fees and found a couple of people mentioned the 25% of enrolled debt, which is quite high. Use the calculator above to estimate what your fee may be working with a provider that may charge less in fees.

Here is one of the two Beyond Finance reviews, but I'll include both links for your review (link and link).

Beyond Finance TrustPilot review showing a 1 star review for a 25% fee.

This individual states that Beyond Finance charges 25% of enrolled debt.

Beyond Finance BBB Reviews

With the above in mind, let's start taking a look at Beyond Finance BBB reviews that can be found online. BBB is a well-known and trusted review platform. Not only does BBB give a rating, but they also report the average ratings of clients. 

According to Beyond Finance's BBB page, the average customer review is 3.96 out of 5 stars (from 647 customer reviews). The BBB gives Beyond Finance an A+ rating. However, despite having an A+ rating, the BBB rating system seems to focus more on the company’s transparency and responsiveness rather than its actual business practices. 

As is typical for reviews on debt settlement companies, a lot of the negative reviews suggest that the client did not fully understand the debt settlement process prior to beginning the process. Whether that is the fault of the company or the individual can be debated. Regardless, many negative reviews either complain of being able to do the settlement themselves or not being aware of the massive fees they saw after settlement. 

The positive reviews claim that Business Finance was an incredibly helpful company that thoroughly walked individuals through the settlement process. The positive reviews also say that Business Finance has many helpful tools. This includes an app that can track payments, progress, and debt balance. 

Business Finance was very responsive on their BBB page. They both thanked their positive reviewers and responded to the concerns of their negative reviewers.

Beyond Finance Complaints

At the time of this writing, Beyond Finance has 132 complaints in the last 3 years, with 82 of those complaints coming in the last 12 months. As you can see, Beyond Finance's complaints average has increased to ~7 complaints a month in the last 12 months compared to ~3.6 three year average.

This image shows Beyond Finance complaints of 132 complaints in the last 3 years.

Beyond Finance average complaints per month appear to have increased in last 12 months

Google Reviews

Surprisingly, Beyond Finance does not have any Google reviews. There are a few reasons why this might be the case. The first, and typically the most likely, reason is that Beyond Finance has not set up its Google Business Profile. If a GBP is not set up, then there will not be an option for reviews to be left on the Google Review Platform. This is harmless and does not impact how Beyond Finance should be seen. However, there is another reason why Google Reviews may have been removed. If Beyond Finance saw a rapid influx of negative reviews, there is a possibility that Google took down the review option to investigate whether or not the negative reviews were a spam attack. 

Regardless of why there are no Google Reviews, the lack of Google Review presence can make it hard to feel as though Beyond Finance is a legitimized company. Let’s take a look at other major review platforms to see what clients are saying.

Trust Pilot Reviews

This platform has been the one that most debt relief companies use to engage with clients and gain requested reviews. Beyond Finance’s Trust Pilot page boasts a 4.5 out of 5-star average rating from over 4,000 use reviews. Over 90% of their reviews are three stars or higher. 

Trust Pilot reports that Beyond Finance has replied to 98% of the negative reviews posted on the site. When looking through the negative reviews, there is one common complaint — delays. Clients who are both in the middle of their program, or finishing it up both say that there are frustrating delays. One client said that Beyond had reached a settlement agreement with her creditor, but that they delayed paying the creditor so long that the settlement was canceled by the creditor. Negative reviews also claimed that Beyond Finance contacted them more than the debt collectors did, making the company a nuisance. 

There are obviously many positive reviews as well. However, many of them do note that their positive experience was with the customer service and initial contact with Beyond Finance. One client claimed that he was relieved when he was told of the savings he could expect. Another claimed she felt as though she could see the light at the end of the tunnel. This language exposes the point at which the review was written — which couldn’t have been long after first contact. There are some legitimate positive reviews that say Beyond Finance did exactly what they said they would do exactly how they said they would do it. 

What To Keep In Mind While Researching Beyond Finance

There are some things you want to consider while researching Beyond Finance (or any other debt relief company). Here are just a few:

Consider the range of reviews

It can be tempting to only look at the positive reviews when you find a company you think you want to work with. However, don’t fall into that temptation! Make sure you are reading through both the positive and negative reviews, as well as the moderate reviews. This lets you get a full picture of the company instead of just the best or worst side. 

Age of the company

Is the company only a few months old? Has it been established for decades? This is an important thing to consider when looking at a company. Keep in mind that there has been an influx of newer debt relief companies. They tend to target younger audiences through trendy ads on social media like TikTok. While these companies may be perfectly fine, they don’t have a concrete history that can give you a definitive answer as to whether or not they are reliable. 

Point at which the review was written

Understanding the point at which a review was written can help you understand what was actually being reviewed. Sometimes people will leave reviews after their first or second interaction with a company. At that point, the only thing the company has done is reassure the individual that they will settle their debt and save them thousands. If the individual left a review at that time, they are only actually reviewing the relief they felt at the promises that were made — not the actual services provided. Make sure you consider when the review was written to understand what the review is about. 


There are many other review platforms that you can look through to find reviews on Beyond Finance. Read through the reviews with a diligent eye and determine what the user is reviewing. Overall, it looks as though Beyond Finance is similar to most other debt relief companies. The process can be lengthy, but they come to a settlement, take their payment, and then you are out of debt. Look through some of their reviews to decide for yourself whether or not Beyond Finance is the company you want to work with. 
If you’d like to talk through your debt-relief options, give Ascend a call! We’d love to help you figure out what might be best for your situation.