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What is Debt Relief?

Debt Relief is the process of seeking assistance when a financial hardship has occurred in your life and you question whether you will be able to keep up on the bills.

The most common forms of debt relief are bankruptcy, debt settlement, debt management and doing it yourself.

Who do you work with in Debt Relief

Ascend works with Debt Consolidation Care because Debt Consolidation Care offers great customer service and lower debt settlement fees to help you get out of debt cheaper and faster.

How can debt relief affect my credit score?

Ascend's goal is to assist you to get out of debt as quickly as possible with minimal impact to your Credit Score. There are multiple factors that determine the exact impact a debt relief program will have on your Credit Score, so the exact impact will be difficult to calculate. However, it would be safe to assume that any debt relief or debt settlement program will likely affect your credit score negatively. This includes Ascend's program.

Ascend is a great avenue if in the short term you are more interested in getting out of debt than maintaining your credit score. After you have emerged from debt, we will work with you to rebuild your credit score.

Ascend is also a great avenue if you'd prefer not to file bankruptcy and would like to rebuild your credit once you are out of debt.

What is the difference between Debt Relief, Debt Consolidation, and Debt Management?

Debt Consolidation combines all your outstanding loans under a new interest rate. You are still responsible for paying the full balance of your debt, but you'll only have one creditor, and you may have an overall lower interest rate.

Debt Management is the process of renegotiating your interest rates with your creditors. You are still responsible for paying the full balance of your debt, but you will have lower interest rates.

Debt Relief / Debt Settlement is the process of renegotiating your total debt due and agreeing with your creditors on a new payment schedule. Usually, there is no more interest charged once a settlement has been agreed upon.

Is Debt Relief best for me?

Debt Relief, Debt Consolidation, Debt Management, and even bankruptcy all have their Pros & Cons, and what's best for you is based on your current financial situation and what your priorities are.

If you submit the survey on our homepage, we can review your data and help you determine which action would be best for you.

Will Ascend refer me to other businesses if Ascend isn't right for me?

We've been in this industry for a while, so we know who the honest players are. If Debt Relief isn't the best option for you, we'll gladly refer you to a reputable company that can better service your needs. Or if you want to find your own company, we can give you some helpful tips on how to find a good service company.

As a disclaimer, we want you to know that we receive referral fees from several of the companies we refer. However, we do not refer out to the highest bidder. Rather, we only sign referral contracts with the companies that we would feel comfortable using ourselves--companies that are known for their honesty, customer service, and reasonable prices.

How does Ascend make money?

The debt comparison service is free to you. Ascend may make a small fee from the partners in our partnership network.