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Ohio Bankruptcy Trustees

Written by Ben Tejes
Updated Oct 11th, 2023
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You are deciding whether to file bankruptcy and may have heard about working with a bankruptcy trustee in Ohio. The primary role of the trustee is to be a “watchdog” for the bankruptcy process. In fact, the Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy trustees helped manage all of the 22,623 bankruptcy filings in Ohio for the year ending June 30, 2021.

The trustee’s responsibilities include:

  1. Appointing and supervising private trustees.
  2. Taking legal action to prevent fraud and abuse.
  3. Referring matters for criminal investigation when appropriate.
  4. Ensuring bankruptcy process is administered and that fees are appropriate.
  5. Reviewing disclosure statements.
  6. Advocating matters of bankruptcy code.

We will cover Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy trustees with contact information in Ohio as those are the most common for personal bankruptcies. 

What Are The Ohio Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee Fees?

One of the highest costs in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Ohio is the Chapter 13 bankruptcy trustee fees. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is often a 3 or 5-year plan. So, there are many administrative tasks for the Chapter 13 bankruptcy trustee.

Here’s the breakdown of Ohio Chapter 13 bankruptcy trustee fees: 6.6% - 9.3%. Just as a reference, this can result in thousands of dollars in trustee fees. Our Chapter 13 calculator helps estimate what that fee would be.

You can take our all-in bankruptcy cost calculator below to estimate your Chapter 13 plan payment, including the Chapter 13 trustee fees.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee(s) Ohio

Below are the Chapter 13 bankruptcy trustees in Ohio broken out by bankruptcy district. You can also find the list here. Please note that the US Trustee program does not administer bankruptcy estates in North Carolina and Alabama.

NorthernMichael A. Gallo(330) 743-1246
NorthernLauren A. Helbling(216) 621-4268
NorthernKeith L. Rucinski(330) 762-6335
NorthernDynele L. Schinker-Kuharich(330) 455-2222
NorthernElizabeth A. Vaughan(419) 255-0675
SouthernMargaret A. Burks(513) 621-4488
SouthernFaye D. English(614) 420-2555
SouthernJohn G. Jansing(937) 222-7600
SouthernFrank M. Pees(614) 436-6700

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustees Ohio

Below are the Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustees in Ohio broken out by bankruptcy district. You can also find the list here

NorthernLisa M. Barbacci(330) 722-4488
NorthernRobert D. Barr(216) 744-2739
NorthernBrian Alan Bash(216) 621-0200
NorthernRichard A. Baumgart(216) 696-6000
NorthernPatti M. Baumgartner-Novak(419) 724-2480
NorthernKathryn A. Belfance(330) 535-0505
NorthernVirgil E. Brown, Jr.(216) 851-3304
NorthernMichael Douglas Buzulencia(330) 392-8551
NorthernKari Balog Coniglio(216) 479-6167
NorthernHarold Allen Corzin(330) 670-0770
NorthernAnthony J. DeGirolamo(330) 305-9700
NorthernDouglas A. Dymarkowski(419) 882-4999
NorthernBruce Comly French(419) 222-9134
NorthernMarc Preston Gertz(330) 255-0727
NorthernJosiah Locke Mason(419) 289-1600
NorthernEricka S. Parker(419) 243-0900
NorthernMary A. Rabin(216) 771-8084
NorthernAnne C. Silagy(330) 456-0900
NorthernDavid O. Simon(216) 621-6201
NorthernSheldon Stein(216) 696-7449
NorthernAndrew Walter Suhar(330) 744-9007
NorthernWilliam L. Swope(419) 422-0288
NorthernAlan Jay Treinish(216) 566-7022
NorthernWaldemar J. Wojcik(216) 241-2628
NorthernRichard Glenn Zellers(330) 702-0780
SouthernE. Hanlin Bavely(513) 621-6221
SouthernAmy L. Bostic(614) 229-4433
SouthernChristal L. Caudill(614) 389-4940
SouthernJames A. Coutinho(614) 221-8500
SouthernEileen K. Field(513) 684-9000
SouthernPatricia J. Friesinger(937) 449-5776
SouthernEric W. Goering(513) 621-0912
SouthernMark Alan Greenberger(513) 721-5151
SouthernClyde C. Hardesty, III(740) 344-8375
SouthernDonald F. Harker, III(937) 371-5676
SouthernHarold Jarnicki(513) 932-5792
SouthernDavid Willard Kuhn(740) 354-1454
SouthernGeorge P. Leicht(513) 734-4848
SouthernWilliam Boyd Logan, Jr.(614) 229-4449
SouthernFrederick Morris Luper(614) 229-4409
SouthernLarry J. McClatchey(614) 462-5463
SouthernHenry Edward Menninger, Jr.(513) 852-6033
SouthernDavid L. Mikel(937) 339-7181
SouthernRichard D. Nelson(513) 333-5255
SouthernElliott Polaniecki(513) 793-5999
SouthernErin Renneker(513) 932-5792
SouthernSusan L. Rhiel(614) 269-7348
SouthernNorman L. Slutsky(513) 793-5560
SouthernPaul H. Spaeth(937) 223-1655
SouthernDennis E. Stegner(937) 322-2161
SouthernBrent A. Stubbins(740) 452-8484
SouthernMyron N. Terlecky(614) 228-6345
SouthernDavid M. Whittaker(614) 340-7431