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Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Trustees

Written by Ben Tejes
Updated Nov 16th, 2021

You are deciding whether to file bankruptcy and may have heard about working with a bankruptcy trustee in Pennsylvania. The primary role of the trustee is to be a “watchdog” for the bankruptcy process. In fact, the Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy trustees helped manage all of the 11,829 bankruptcy filings in Pennsylvania for the year ending June 30, 2021.

The trustee’s responsibilities include:

  1. Appointing and supervising private trustees.
  2. Taking legal action to prevent fraud and abuse.
  3. Referring matters for criminal investigation when appropriate.
  4. Ensuring bankruptcy process is administered and that fees are appropriate.
  5. Reviewing disclosure statements.
  6. Advocating matters of bankruptcy code.

We will cover Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy trustees with contact information in Pennsylvania as those are the most common for personal bankruptcies. 

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustees Pennsylvania

Below are the Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustees in Pennsylvania broken out by bankruptcy district. You can also find the list here

EasternTerry P. Dershaw(484) 897-0341
EasternLynn E. Feldman(610) 530-9285
EasternBonnie B. Finkel(856) 216-1278
EasternRobert H. Holber(610) 565-5463
EasternGary F. Seitz(215) 238-0011
EasternChristine C. Shubert(609) 938-4191
MiddleSteven M. Carr(717) 843-8968
MiddleMark J. Conway(570) 343-5350
MiddleLawrence G. Frank(717) 234-7455
MiddleLeon P. Haller(717) 234-4178
MiddleJohn J. Martin(570) 253-6899
MiddleWilliam G. Schwab(610) 377-5200
MiddleRobert P. Sheils, Jr.(570) 587-2600
MiddleMarkian R. Slobodian(717) 232-5180
MiddleLawrence V. Young(717) 848-4900
WesternEric E. Bononi(724) 832-2499
WesternNatalie A. Cardiello(412) 276-4043
WesternRosemary C. Crawford(724) 443-4757
WesternJohn C. Melaragno(814) 459-5557
WesternTamera Ochs Rothschild(814) 827-2760
WesternRobert B. Shearer(814) 580-0232
WesternJeffrey J. Sikirica(724) 625-2566
WesternRobert H. Slone(724) 834-2990
WesternJoseph B. Spero(814) 836-1011
WesternLisa M. Swope(814) 472-7151
WesternJames R. Walsh(814) 536-0735
WesternPamela J. Wilson(412) 341-4323
WesternCharles O. Zebley, Jr.(724) 439-9200

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee(s) Pennsylvania

Below are the Chapter 13 bankruptcy trustees in Pennsylvania broken out by bankruptcy district. You can also find the list here. Please note that the US Trustee program does not administer bankruptcy estates in North Carolina and Alabama.

EasternWilliam C. Miller(215) 627-1377
EasternScott F. Waterman(610) 779-1313
MiddleCharles J. DeHart, III(717) 566-6097
WesternRonda J. Winnecour(412) 471-5566