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Texas Bankruptcy Trustees

Written by Ben Tejes
Updated Nov 16th, 2021

You are deciding whether to file bankruptcy and may have heard about working with a bankruptcy trustee in Texas. The primary role of the trustee is to be a “watchdog” for the bankruptcy process. In fact, the Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy trustees helped manage all of the 20,450 bankruptcy filings in Texas for the year ending June 30, 2021.

The trustee’s responsibilities include:

  1. Appointing and supervising private trustees.
  2. Taking legal action to prevent fraud and abuse.
  3. Referring matters for criminal investigation when appropriate.
  4. Ensuring bankruptcy process is administered and that fees are appropriate.
  5. Reviewing disclosure statements.
  6. Advocating matters of bankruptcy code.

We will cover Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy trustees with contact information in Texas as those are the most common for personal bankruptcies. 

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustees Texas

Below are the Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustees in Texas broken out by bankruptcy district. You can also find the list here

EasternDiane S. Carter(972) 422-8377
EasternMichelle H. Chow(214) 521-6627
EasternMichael J. McNally(903) 597-6301
EasternChristopher J. Moser(214) 880-1805
EasternLinda S. Payne(972) 628-4904
EasternJoshua P. Searcy(903) 757-3399
EasternMark A. Weisbart(972) 628-4903
EasternStephen Joseph Zayler(936) 634-1020
NorthernShawn K. Brown(817) 348-0777
NorthernAnne E. Burns(214) 573-7343
NorthernJames W. Cunningham(214) 827-9112
NorthernMarilyn D. Garner(817) 505-1499
NorthernAreya Holder Aurzada(972) 438-8800
NorthernMyrtle L. McDonald(806) 792-0056
NorthernJeffrey H. Mims(214) 210-2913
NorthernHarvey L. Morton(806) 762-0570
NorthernRoddrick Newhouse(469) 777-8560
NorthernLaurie Dahl Rea(817) 877-4224
NorthernDiane G. Reed(972) 938-7334
NorthernKent D. Ries(806) 242-7437
NorthernScott M. Seidel(214) 234-2503
NorthernDaniel J. Sherman(214) 942-5502
NorthernJohn D. Spicer(214) 573-7331
NorthernBehrooz P. Vida(817) 358-9977
NorthernRobert Yaquinto, Jr.(214) 942-5502
SouthernAllison Davison Byman(281) 884-9269
SouthernCatherine S. Curtis(956) 467-1000
SouthernEva S. Engelhart(713) 626-1200
SouthernChristopher R. Murray(832) 529-3027
SouthernJanet S. Northrup(713) 328-8233
SouthernRonald J. Sommers(713) 960-0303
SouthernRodney D. Tow(281) 429-8300
SouthernRandy W. Williams(281) 884-9262
WesternRonald E. Ingalls(830) 321-0878
WesternJ. Patrick Lowe(830) 278-6271
WesternRandolph N. Osherow(210) 738-3001
WesternJose C. Rodriguez(210) 738-8881
WesternRon Satija(512) 900-8223
WesternJames E. Studensky(254) 776-9630
WesternJohnny W. Thomas, Jr.(210) 226-5888

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee(s) Texas

Below are the Chapter 13 bankruptcy trustees in Texas broken out by bankruptcy district. You can also find the list here. Please note that the US Trustee program does not administer bankruptcy estates in North Carolina and Alabama.

EasternCarey Ebert(972) 943-2580
EasternLloyd T Kraus(903) 593-7777
EasternChapter 13 Standing Trustee(903) 594-7115
NorthernPamela A. Bassel(817) 916-4710
NorthernLloyd T Kraus(903) 593-7777
NorthernThomas D. Powers(214) 855-9200
NorthernTim Truman(817) 770-8500
NorthernRobert B. Wilson(806) 740-0114
SouthernCindy Boudloche(361) 883-5786
SouthernWilliam Heitkamp(713) 722-1200
SouthernDavid G. Peake(713) 283-5400
WesternStuart C. Cox(915) 598-7674
WesternG. Ray Hendren, Jr.(512) 474-6309
WesternDeborah B. Langehennig(512) 912-0305
WesternGary W. Norwood(432) 686-9452
WesternMary Kathryn Viegelahn(210) 824-1460