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Side Hustle Stack: Use A Side Hustle Calculator

Written by Ben Tejes
Updated Nov 13th, 2023
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There is a million side hustles that you can do, but none of those are actually personalized to your skill set. In addition, side hustle stacking is a newer phenomenon that allows you to make income from multiple sources. With one side hustle, you can potentially a thousand to two thousand per month, but when you stack side hustles, you can potentially make enough that can replace your full-time job.

That said, how many stacking side hustle options are there? For example, you can do Door Dash and Uber and Lyft, but you are essentially just keeping extremely busy by booking out multiple runs in a row. That said, you could have a Doordash delivery at 12:30 pm and then a Uber pick up at 1:00 pm. You are just being more efficient with your time, but you aren't making more money in the same amount of time.

My Side Hustle Stacking Story

Personally, my side hustle was having a personal finance blog. There are a few ways that you can make money through personal finance blogs, but my main income source was through advertising. What I found though is that if I purchase another personal finance blog, the individuals purchasing advertising on my one blog would easily translate to the new blog that I purchased.


Making money via one personal finance blog, and then utilizing that for an additional source of income in the same amount of time worked well.

But, how do you find side hustle options that ACTUALLY work or options that you can stack on top of each other?

Side Hustle Stacking Calculator Personalized to YOU

At Ascend, we are ultimately focused to help you eliminate debt and stay out of debt forever.  

If you've followed our story for any period of time, that means that we would like to help you increase your income to pay off your debt faster. One of the challenges we saw with paying off debt was that people didn't make enough income, but they weren't also using their budget and debt payoff planning together to payoff more towards debt each month. This is why we spent years developing the Savvy debt payoff planner.

Now, side hustle stacking isn't just about paying off debt, so we are hopeful that this free side hustle calculator 

We would love your feedback

We are early in our journey to help people increase their income with a personalized side hustle that is right for them that they enjoy. Please provide us feedback often using our contact us form, and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

Should You Side Hustle Stack?

Side hustle stacking is not for everyone. You may want to consider whether you have enough time and bandwidth to pu

For example, if you have 2 side hustles already, including Doordash and writing articles as a freelancer, do you have bandwidth to pick up Uber Eats if you are already facing so much stress from the 2 side hustles?

Maybe not.

That said, if you are only using Doordash and that is your primary income and have bandwidth, then it may be beneficial to side hustle stack with Uber Eats and/or Postmates