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A period of financial uncertainties can lead to excessive stress and frustration, leading you to consider a Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Ohio. The goal of this article is to provide specifics on a Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Ohio. You may be researching a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In that case, you may be interested to check out the article covering Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Ohio.

How Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Works

It is crucial to understand some facets of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy before delving into specifics about filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Ohio. Also, you should understand the differences between a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: A chapter 7 bankruptcy can also be termed as a ‘liquidation bankruptcy.’ This is when a debtor is not able to pay debts, and they file Chapter 7 to try and discharge the debts. Chapter 7 is not as expensive, and it can be finished in less time (as little as 120 days) as long as you are eligible. Below, we have a calculator that can assist you to know your Chapter 13 payment arrangement and if you qualify for a Chapter 7.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: It is also called the ‘wage earners’ bankruptcy. Here, debtors (with their lawyer’s assistance in some cases) enter into a three to five-year installment repayment agreement to be honored monthly. It gets hard for some people to file for Chapter 7 because either they have valuable assets or their earnings are on the higher side.

To conclude, you can now tell the difference between the two types of bankruptcies. Now, let’s learn more about Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Ohio.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Ohio Specifics

  1. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan Payment in Ohio
  2. Ohio Bankruptcy Exemptions
  3. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Ohio Trustees
  4. Ohio Bankruptcy Districts and Court Locations
  5. Will Filing a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Ohio work for me?

Ohio Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan Payment

The Chapter 13 bankruptcy Ohio payment plan estimate takes into account the IRS National expense figures and also specific Ohio expenses such as housing expenses.

In other words, What is uppermost in many debtors’ minds is whether they are eligible for a Chapter 7 and a Chapter 13, what would their payment arrangement be? Now, it can be pretty challenging getting an accurate Chapter 13 bankruptcy payment plan without using our calculator. This is mainly due to the complicated bankruptcy forms used. To assist debtors, we created the following calculator. The calculator helps people to understand if they qualify for a Chapter 7, besides estimating a suitable payment plan in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Estimating Your Ohio Chapter 13 Plan Payment:

The Chapter 13 Calculator can estimate a Chapter 13 repayment plan that uses the bankruptcy forms to help estimate plan payment Keep in mind that the provided figures are estimates and if you need specific statistics, talk to a trusted attorney.

Ohio Means Testing

For example, the Chapter 13 calculator above takes into account Ohio means testing data found here to evaluate if may be the right candidate for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. There is also information for the Ohio Means Test on and after November 1, 2020 in the table below.

# of PeopleAnnual Income

Ohio Bankruptcy Exemptions

Before filing for a Chapter 13, ask yourself if you have any assets above the exemption. Though you might qualify for a Chapter 7, a Chapter 13 or debt settlement is the best option in case you have a significant equity holding in an asset.

Ohio has its statutes and bankruptcy exemptions that govern how the process of filing for bankruptcy is done. Assets above the Ohio bankruptcy exemption may be liquidated.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Ohio Trustees

Some of the responsibilities of the trustee include liquidating the nonexempt assets of the debtor. There are not as many Chapter 13 trustees as there are Chapter 7 trustees. Check out the following list of all the Ohio Chapter 13 bankruptcy trustees below.

NorthernMichael A. Gallo(330) 743-1246
NorthernLauren A. Helbling(216) 621-4268
NorthernKeith L. Rucinski(330) 762-6335
NorthernDynele L. Schinker-Kuharich(330) 455-2222
NorthernElizabeth A. Vaughan(419) 255-0675
SouthernMargaret A. Burks(513) 621-4488
SouthernFaye D. English(614) 420-2555
SouthernJohn G. Jansing(937) 222-7600
SouthernFrank M. Pees(614) 436-6700

Ohio Bankruptcy Districts and Court Locations

For example, there are 2 bankruptcy districts in the state of Ohio namely: Northern and South District. Furthermore, Ohio has an informative interactive Ohio bankruptcy county distribution map that shows more about the county distributions for the bankruptcy districts.

Below are the court websites that you can visit to get more information about each Ohio bankruptcy district:

Should I pursue a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Ohio?

First of all, a chapter 13 bankruptcy is a legitimate alternative for those with overwhelming debt, those who aren’t interested in Chapter 7 or they don’t simply qualify. Still, there are other alternatives, including debt settlement, debt payoff planning and debt management, as per your preference and after weighing in all the pros and cons. With our Chapter 13 calculator, you can use it as a source or for conducting personal research.

In conclusion, debt can bring about endless frustration and stress. On that note, we hope that this article will play a great role in helping you on the path to freedom from debt.

Post Author: Ben Tejes

Ben Tejes is a co-founder and CEO of Ascend Finance. Before Ascend, Ben held various executive roles at personal finance companies. Ben specializes in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Debt Settlement, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and debt payoff methods. In his free time, Ben enjoys spending time going on adventures with his wife and three young daughters.

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