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Synthia DuBose
My family was grappling with the burden of credit card debt. We had explored various avenues, including debt relief companies and consolidation loans, but everything seemed dubious and left us feeling uncertain. That all changed when I came across Ascend and had the opportunity to connect with Justin. He reached out to me on the very same day, and from that point forward, things took a turn for the better.

I provided Justin with an overview of our financial situation, our objectives, and the timeline we hoped to achieve our goals within. He promptly outlined the possible courses of action and presented a thorough breakdown of our various options. What truly stood out was Justin's approach—he never pressured me into making a quick decision. Instead, he offered me the information and allowed me to ask questions at my own pace.

Upon selecting the path we wanted to pursue, Justin facilitated our connection with a non-profit organization. Much to our delight, they exhibited the same level of courtesy, expertise, and patience that Justin had demonstrated. In retrospect, the entire experience instilled a sense of confidence within us. We now believe we have a solid foundation and are well on our way to achieving financial success!
dahveed krisna
Ben and his assistant Jeffrey from Ascend Finance did an awesome job helping me to find an attorney who could talk with me openly and honestly about Chapter 13 as an option for my financial situation. Before finding out about Ascend's bankruptcy calculators, I was stuck on a wheel of countless offers for consolidation loans, but always steered towards debt settlement or debt management plans over and over again due to my credit score and high utilization percentage. Based on data I entered into Ascend's calculator, Ben and Jeffrey reviewed my situation and quickly connected me with a skillful, experienced bankruptcy attorney. I finally feel like I'm on the best path to being debt free; one that will save me a lot more money than any of the debt settlement or debt management programs that other companies and agencies have offered me... THANKS Ben, Jeffrey and Ascend!!
Phillip Hobbs
I was very confused about what the difference was between chapter 7 and 13. Thanks to Justin and Ascend I ended up saving a great deal of money. Justin, an employee of Ascend called me and we took off. Knew his job. Was very professional. I work lin hours and it seems to also problems but he didn't give up. Justin and Ascend was a huge stress reliever and did a awesome job. Thank you Justin, Thank you Ascend.
Chezera Davids
I was in tears and all by myself. I have always paid my bills, and I was always on time with my payments. Due to a custody battle, I was on my own. I had no way to feed my kids do to a garnishment. Justin reassured me that everything was going to be OK, and that I had options that I was not aware of. I am so grateful for him. He went above and beyond he delivered the most amazing service, I’ve ever had. I will forever be grateful.
Justin, is a Prince among men.
Compassionate, Intelligent, Attentive, and Caring about what someone is going through.
Thank You, Justin!
Hinten was a breath of fresh air.

I accepted a complimentary call because my debt was starting to keep me awake at night. My living situation is changing and now I know for sure the debt is insurmountable.

I went into this call with a pit in my stomach, sweaty and ashamed. Wholly expecting to be met with judgment.

But instead I got Hinten, who instantly energized the conversation with a friendly and positive vibe.

He listened, to the point of understanding and gave me all of my options in clear terms that I can actually understand.

Coming away from that call, I feel refreshed and armed with knowledge. Now I know that this debt won’t bury me, there are ways out and there’s no shame in taking a hand to help you over a hurdle in your path.

Thanks Hinten, thanks Ascend! I’m really looking forward to getting 6 hours of sleep tonight and it’s all thanks to you!
Kristy Miller
Justin was very knowledgeable and friendly. He went through all of my options and gave me great information!
Kim Steverson
Justin was absolutely amazing! Any and every question asked he answered! He went above and beyond for me and I couldn’t have asked for anything better!
Frances S
Speaking with Justin about financial alternatives was a pleasure. He listened, showed empathy and was extremely supportive. He sent me over to a Lawyer who was upfront and honest with what can and cannot be done. I already feel a sense of relief. Best decision I’ve made!
Jenna Clark
Jeffrey A. is absolutely amazing! He listened to every single question that I had, even the long backstory as to why my credit is what it is and not only gave me so much information but so many options I didn't realize were options. He didn't pester me to sign up for anything, there's legit no gimmick which I was a little weary on, he seemed like he genuinely cared about my credit and the work he does which is something I barely ever see now a days. I really hope to work with Jeffrey again in the future and honestly think the man deserves some kind of acknowledgement from his peers. Thanks for the call Jeffrey! You're fantastic!
saiprasad mishra
Justin and Adam are amazing.Very knowledgable and helped me a lot. They are one of the best go to person when you are in trouble.
Myesha Sharpe
Hinten was very helpful in connecting me to the right people. He answered all of my questions and guided me to reputable companies. He was also diligent in his follow up.
Stephanie Vitores
Justin was very helpful, professional, kind, and courteous. He was able to connect me with a company that had the goal of helping me and seeing what solution best fits my situation. I am grateful to Ascend and the company they connected me with because now I feel hopeful that in a few short years I will be debt free. Definitely recommend their service.
Sharon Mond
Spoke with Justin regarding options to help me get back on track financially with out bankruptcy. He was very knowledgeable and friendly. Offered great solutions. Thanks to his insite, I am on the way to getting back on track and out of major debt. Thank you!
Ashley C
I spoke with Hinten and he was very informative and patient with me. I had SO many questions and he answered all of them. He also took the time to explain my options in order to help me decide which might be best for my situation. Ascend also has great videos on YouTube I highly recommend to those looking for education on debt.
Miguel Galarza
Lexi was an amazing help, put me in touch with the people I needed to be in touch with in order to help move my life in the right direction. Definite recommend!
tony okrongly
I used the bankruptcy calculator. You never know what you'll get once you give your information. I was impressed with the personal nature of the contact I received and the comprehensive nature of the solutions offered. This is a great service because they offer a wide range of options from bankruptcy to paying all your debt off and they tell you in detail how each option works.
Ryan Goldberg
I was impressed with the depth and breadth of Adam's comprehension and expertise. If you have a complex debt situation I would definitely recommend setting up a call with these guys to understand the lay of the land. The lack of a sales pitch was very much appreciated.
Pam (Pam, Mooma)
Ben was so helpful and went out of his way to direct me to the right person to help me with my situation. I highly recommend Ascend. They are awesome!!!
to be honest - i was leery at first, rarely do you find something that's 'free' that actually has value - usually it's just a lead in for a paid service to get to the information you were looking for, not so with Ascend. the online form gave a very thorough 'review' of all options, costs, pros and cons. i followed through - email/text/phone calls, the ascend consultant (Hinten) walked me through things i did not know and was never briefed on by the debt consolidation service (freedom Debt Relief) i'd enrolled with - he then confirmed my suspicions that they were not doing me much good, we looked at other better options, the first one didn't work but that lead suggested another avenue to follow, Hinten hooked me up again with their (Ascend's vetted) contact and i can now see a way out of my financial crisis that will not crush me. thank you!!
Cristina Mullins
I got a excellent referral from ascend. I have a huge load taken off my shoulders. I was referred to a excellent bankruptcy attorney who was very through with me. Ascend made sure I got in contact with the referral and I couldn't be happier with who I was partnered with. Ascend followed up with me to make sure I was taken care of. Excellent service!! Highly recommended! 5 stars from me.
Elisabeth Mirza
Very helpful
Jana Jorgensen
Very professional and attentive to what I was looking for! Excellent customer service!
Nicholas Gerth
The response from Ascend has been incredible. The outcome from my situation is yet to be seen but reaching out to Ascend to assess options and seek referrals has certainly helped!
Michael Barowsky
Honest, right to the point, genuinely cares about people!