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dahveed krisna
Ben and his assistant Jeffrey from Ascend Finance did an awesome job helping me to find an attorney who could talk with me openly and honestly about Chapter 13 as an option for my financial situation. Before finding out about Ascend's bankruptcy calculators, I was stuck on a wheel of countless offers for consolidation loans, but always steered towards debt settlement or debt management plans over and over again due to my credit score and high utilization percentage. Based on data I entered into Ascend's calculator, Ben and Jeffrey reviewed my situation and quickly connected me with a skillful, experienced bankruptcy attorney. I finally feel like I'm on the best path to being debt free; one that will save me a lot more money than any of the debt settlement or debt management programs that other companies and agencies have offered me... THANKS Ben, Jeffrey and Ascend!!
Phillip Hobbs
I was very confused about what the difference was between chapter 7 and 13. Thanks to Justin and Ascend I ended up saving a great deal of money. Justin, an employee of Ascend called me and we took off. Knew his job. Was very professional. I work lin hours and it seems to also problems but he didn't give up. Justin and Ascend was a huge stress reliever and did a awesome job. Thank you Justin, Thank you Ascend.
Very knowledgeable, patient, life saver.
milton mathis
Very, very good service from Justin and the attorney he referred me to!!!
619 4 life
I had a great help from Justin. I was confused about some stuff and he cleared it up. Thanks.
Gray Moosavi
Very knowledgeable and helpful! He offered to follow up with me after a week or so to help me set up a budget if I needed it. Also he recommended an app called Savvy to help budget!
Amy Childers
Justin really helped point me in the right direction.
Tara ann Dale
Super helpful! They helped answer every financial question without making me feel pressured or uncomfortable!
Leah Barnekow
Ben listened to my situation and helped to connect me with companies that would possibly help. He was understanding, non-judgmental, and transparent during the entire process. I would recommend contacting Ascend before proceeding with debt consolidation, debt management, or bankruptcy to fully understand your options.
Robin Ormon
Justin was very professional and handled my situation with attention and care. He is definitely an asset to your company and I appreciate his support. He went above and beyond to help me.
hillary corson
Very helpful and understanding
Marina Hatch
Justin was so helpful and walked me through all of my options so we could find the best way for me to improve my financial situation. Thank you!
Isra S. AlĂ­
I found this business using Google. I looked for a solution after having a bad experience with an online law firm for bankruptcy. I dealt with the nicest person who followed up with me and provided me a referral to a qualified attorney. The attorney is equally as attentive to the customer service side of things as well as knowledgeable. I truly appreciated being treated with care. Realizing that bankruptcy is necessary is never an easy decision to come by. It is compounded when you are treated poorly during the process. I wanted to leave this review to let others know where to find the best help. I would definitely recommend this business. I truly appreciated the online resources, the calculation tool, and the prompt responses. Thank you Ben with Ascend you are awesome!!
Milton Fonseca
Ascend finance Corp has been very helpful with a no pressure approach to explaining all options pertaining to debt solutions.
Joanne Walters
We had no idea these guys existed!! What they do is help you navigate through all the options when your debt becomes overwhelming. We stressed and had so much anxiety until Ben helped with explaining everything and getting us in touch with the right people. We can sleep at night knowing we found the right solution for us. Ben you are truly amazing at what you do, can't thank you enough.
Angel Sand
Ascend was thorough and helpful. We loved the attorney we were connected with. Highly recommend
brian hayd
Excellent customer service and explained the process in a clear concise manner.
Ka'Thaidra Robertson
Justin was very attentive and showed compassion for my situation. He gave great information regarding my options.
Julissaida Ortiz
Ben was so patient and informative about my situation. Financial situations can be pretty stressful but when you have someone like Ben lay out all your options and answer all your questions it gives you such a huge relief because you now have all your options laid out for you to make the best decision for your needs.
Stacie Vaszil
Working with Ben was an absolute pleasure. He never made me feel judged. Was thorough and able to assist with the proper choice for our needs.
Brown Dog BBQ vazquez
I have been extremely pleased by the assistance and direction that Justin provided for my situation. It's very likely we will become enrolled in the right program with great support because of his willingness to listen and understand our needs. Super glad to have his help!
Michael Turnbull
Ben was great!!
Jennifer Hollis
He was very knowledgeable and helpful. I appreciated his help.
An Jay
This review is based on Justin Haber's kindness, compassion, and sincere desire to help people versus making money from a victim's unfortunate situation. He's wonderful. Thank you!
Ken Coleson
Pleasant to speak with, very helpful and knowledgeable