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dahveed krisna
Ben and his assistant Jeffrey from Ascend Finance did an awesome job helping me to find an attorney who could talk with me openly and honestly about Chapter 13 as an option for my financial situation. Before finding out about Ascend's bankruptcy calculators, I was stuck on a wheel of countless offers for consolidation loans, but always steered towards debt settlement or debt management plans over and over again due to my credit score and high utilization percentage. Based on data I entered into Ascend's calculator, Ben and Jeffrey reviewed my situation and quickly connected me with a skillful, experienced bankruptcy attorney. I finally feel like I'm on the best path to being debt free; one that will save me a lot more money than any of the debt settlement or debt management programs that other companies and agencies have offered me... THANKS Ben, Jeffrey and Ascend!!
Phillip Hobbs
I was very confused about what the difference was between chapter 7 and 13. Thanks to Justin and Ascend I ended up saving a great deal of money. Justin, an employee of Ascend called me and we took off. Knew his job. Was very professional. I work lin hours and it seems to also problems but he didn't give up. Justin and Ascend was a huge stress reliever and did a awesome job. Thank you Justin, Thank you Ascend.
Chezera Davids
I was in tears and all by myself. I have always paid my bills, and I was always on time with my payments. Due to a custody battle, I was on my own. I had no way to feed my kids do to a garnishment. Justin reassured me that everything was going to be OK, and that I had options that I was not aware of. I am so grateful for him. He went above and beyond he delivered the most amazing service, I’ve ever had. I will forever be grateful.
Justin, is a Prince among men. Compassionate, Intelligent, Attentive, and Caring about what someone is going through. Thank You, Justin!
Tagie R.
A very nice to talk with, you can feel his desire to be able to help, important to people in need like us. God bless you Mr. Justin.
Nerissa Ramos
This guy is a gem. He stayed in contact with me until I got exactly what I wanted. Highly recommended
Kasey Sauter
Was very helpful and understanding and providing options for what will be best for my financial needs. Very thankful for the time and help..
Candace Long
Thanks to Ben and Ascend I’m getting the help I need! Ben was super thoughtful and got me in touch with the right attorney for my needs so incredibly fast. Less than 24 hours later and I already feel like all of my financial worries are almost behind me ☺️
Matthew Bruhns
Justin’s questionnaire was very helpful to figure which kind of financial debt support was right for my situation. He was very responsive and integral in connecting me to a Law Group that is now assisting me with a debt settlement program, so I can finally address a mountain of debt I accumulated when I was injured and out of work for 2 years. I was starting to feel helpless. Thanks to Ascend Financial Corp. and their partners I feel hopeful for the first time in years.
Michelle Sams
Had a great conversation! They pointed me in the right direction to become debt free! I haven’t been this happy in a long time!
Christian Whitehead
Justin was very helpful and knowledgeable! He helped me understand what options I had for what I wanted to accomplish with my debt. He was very straightforward and professional.
Loretta Meyer
Justin was very helpful and informative and got me connected to the right people to help me out. I really appreciated his service.
Carey Long
Great info to solve my debt problem thanks Justin.
Sereen Khawaldeh
Ben started off the conversation quick and to the point. He connected me to Jeffrey who was so sweet and personable. I was terrified and anxious to talk to them, but the minute Jeffrey started the conversation I could tell that I wasn’t being treated like an account number. He gave me very generous free advice and answered all my questions and clarified A LOT of misconceptions. Jeffrey then connected me over the best of the best, Ron. These guys lifted me out the crippling anxiety and darkness I’ve been under. This is the best decision I’ve done for myself. Thank you Ben, Jeffrey, and Ron. You guys are saviors!
Chelsea Watson
Justin was very helpful and honest with us. We found our experience informative and he put our minds at ease with our options. We would highly recommend Ascend (Justin) to anyone having financial struggles.
Jessica Smith
First time I've ever had to contact a lawyer and it was nerve wracking for me but Justin from Ascend helped me get in touch with someone and made the process smoother. Definitely would recommend.
Johnny Holloway
Absolutely easy going yet professional people to talk to. Justin thanks so much for all the help! So whoever calls Ascend just ask for Justin lol.
Lisa Mollitor
Justin pointed me in the right direction and saved me thousands of dollars. I highly recommend him and his company.
Andrew Troi
Ascend and Jeffrey in particular were professional, kind, and trustworthy at this difficult time. He took the time to lay out all of my options and was supportive in a very personal way, taking the fear and confusion out of the process so that I was able to make the right decision for my financial future. I couldn't be more grateful.
El Sharko
I was working with Justin, and he was very helpful and understanding about my situation very professional. I was glad he followed up on are situation and solve it. He did find a lawyer for us. Once again thank you!
Mostafa Al Mukhtar
Ben was fantastic! Answered all the questions and was able to relate to the situation. Super helpful
Michael Richardson
Jeffery was amazing! He sought to understand our situation carefully and thoroughly and directed us on which path he felt would be the most beneficial and I appreciate his incite! Thank you Jeffery!
john delaney
The best communication & personal service.
Lady Danger
Made sure to explain my options and let me know if bankruptcy was not for me they could also help with debt consolidation relief and helping with a payment plan for the IRS. Financial concerns are so often anxiety inducing for people so to really make sure to explain the different options available is so generous and consumer focused.
Christopher Bahn
Awesome overall experience. Any questions or concerns I had were addressed and I was quickly linked up with an attorney for my filing. Thank you for everything!