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Helping Americans get and stay out of debt cheaper, easier, and faster.

Our Story

As a young boy, I watched my family deal with a great deal of stress from unsecured debt. This forced us to live paycheck to paycheck. I didn't know how to deal with it. I put $10 I had earned from my paper route in an envelope and gave it to my mother, hoping it would bring relief; instead, it brought tears.
As I grew up, I mistakenly thought that I needed to become wealthy to prevent this from happening to my own family. I didn't focus on the root issue, which is that very few people learn how to save and spend money effectively. In addition to the lack of education, the taboo around 'money talk' and subsequent lack of conversations created strife in my personal relationships as a result of different expectations around money saving and spending. In order to tackle these issues, I realized the power of utilizing data to not only help people get out of debt, but also help them stay out of debt through money management techniques.
And so, Ascend was built.
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Our Team

Ben Tejes
Ben loves that he gets to use his personal finance passion to help people eliminate debt. Previously, he worked in healthcare & non-profit consulting, operations and product management. In his free time, Ben loves to go on adventures with his wife and 4 young daughters.
sharon hall
From my very first contact with Ben I felt I could trust the help and information he was giving me. Because he was in constant contact the process of following up was made that much easier and I am very glad I contacted Ascend.
Maryann Mallard
Ben reviewed my information, explained all options and referred me to reputable companies and organizations for more in depth information and help. Never tried to influence me in any way, and was quick responding to further questions I had. Followed up to see if I had the information I needed. Definitely recommend as a great resource.
Candace Long
Thanks to Ben and Ascend I’m getting the help I need! Ben was super thoughtful and got me in touch with the right attorney for my needs so incredibly fast. Less than 24 hours later and I already feel like all of my financial worries are almost behind me ☺️
Mitchell LeMoine
Mitchell spearheads our mission to empower individuals to break free from debt. With 10+ years of web development experience, his passion for leveraging technology ensures a seamless, user-friendly experience, guiding customers toward financial freedom.
Tommie Chavez
The staff has been very helpful and patient with me, they've been great. I'm now starting to feel more confident about my future, and knowing that my chances of holding onto my home are looking so much better.
Thanks guy's I appreciate all of you, more than any of you will ever know.
Luis Medina
I filled out their online questionnaire and was highly pleased with the response. After answering the questions (about 3 min.) i received 3 best options for my financial situation; 1-debt relief program; 2-chapter 7 bankruptcy; 3-payoff lenders. All options showed the monthly costs and approximate time it'll take to relief my debt. They automatically selected what they thought the best option for me was.
It is a great help for those trying to get rid of debt as Ascend provides you with best options for your situation. They are also free of charge!
I also communicated with them via text which was super convenient.

Highly recommend for any body trying to seek out a good option to find debt relief!!!!!!
Kesha Kellogg
I watched Ascend on YouTube before finding their website and reaching out to them via text. Once I contacted them, I was absolutely taken care of, well-advised, and referred to an outstanding attorney who was able to clean everything up for me. I am thoroughly recommending Ascend to family and friends who need assistance! You can trust the process and know they are here to help you.
Justin Haber
Chief Operating Officer
Justin, our San Diego native, is all about sports and coffee. He’s passionate about helping people out of debt and making waves in the industry. With his boundless energy and warm determination, he has a heart for our team’s drive for positive change.
Synthia DuBose
My family was grappling with the burden of credit card debt. We had explored various avenues, including debt relief companies and consolidation loans, but everything seemed dubious and left us feeling uncertain. That all changed when I came across Ascend and had the opportunity to connect with Justin. He reached out to me on the very same day, and from that point forward, things took a turn for the better.

I provided Justin with an overview of our financial situation, our objectives, and the timeline we hoped to achieve our goals within. He promptly outlined the possible courses of action and presented a thorough breakdown of our various options. What truly stood out was Justin's approach—he never pressured me into making a quick decision. Instead, he offered me the information and allowed me to ask questions at my own pace.

Upon selecting the path we wanted to pursue, Justin facilitated our connection with a non-profit organization. Much to our delight, they exhibited the same level of courtesy, expertise, and patience that Justin had demonstrated. In retrospect, the entire experience instilled a sense of confidence within us. We now believe we have a solid foundation and are well on our way to achieving financial success!
Al Beck
I spoke with Justin. A more honest and upfront person I do not believe I have ever found. He was very helpful and gave me lots of advice over the phone, without charge. He gave up his time to help me and it is greatly appreciated. I highly recommend him to anyone that needs help with their financial needs.
Brandon Hughes
Justin was amazing. I didn't even end up needing his services, and never felt pressured for a second. Moreover, he explained a TON about the process that went way above and beyond him trying to explain their services. Total class act.
Ryan L.
Software Engineer
Ryan's commitment and passion for helping others shines through in his work, as he contributes to our mission of providing essential support to those struggling with debt. As an avid basketball aficionado, he exemplifies the essence of teamwork both in the office and on the court.
Bobbie Porter
Great communication and so helpful. I wasn't made to feel wrong, but instead made to feel like I was making the right choice fir my future.

Thanks much to Ben and Ryan!
Kasey Sauter
Was very helpful and understanding and providing options for what will be best for my financial needs. Very thankful for the time and help..
Jana Jorgensen
Very professional and attentive to what I was looking for! Excellent customer service!
Jeffrey A.
Jeffrey is a knowledgeable expert in debt relief, dedicated to assisting people in navigating their financial challenges. Outside of work, he finds joy in spending quality time with his poodle and loves to indulge in espresso.
Vanessa Toregano
Jeffrey A. is worth his weight in gold, he was kind, empathetic, didn’t judge me, and heard my problems and tried his best to get me the help I needed. There are few customer reps out there who go above and beyond and whom are good with people and Jeffrey is definitely one of them! I appreciate you so much and won’t forget your kindness!
Jenna Clark
Jeffrey A. is absolutely amazing! He listened to every single question that I had, even the long backstory as to why my credit is what it is and not only gave me so much information but so many options I didn't realize were options. He didn't pester me to sign up for anything, there's legit no gimmick which I was a little weary on, he seemed like he genuinely cared about my credit and the work he does which is something I barely ever see now a days. I really hope to work with Jeffrey again in the future and honestly think the man deserves some kind of acknowledgement from his peers. Thanks for the call Jeffrey! You're fantastic!
Andrew C. Troi
Ascend and Jeffrey in particular were professional, kind, and trustworthy at this difficult time. He took the time to lay out all of my options and was supportive in a very personal way, taking the fear and confusion out of the process so that I was able to make the right decision for my financial future. I couldn't be more grateful.
Emma F.
Emma works as one of our Financial Operations Analysts and has a passion for helping others. She enjoys chatting with individuals on the phone to discuss their options to become debt free. In her free time, you'll find her at the beach, with friends or reading a book!
Trish Todd
Emma was very thorough, detailed and compassionate. She researched a question I had and returned with the answer. She stayed in communication which is what’s needed throughout this process.
Laura Martin
What can I say, but they are the best. The dedication to helping me solve my particular, problem was phenomenal. As they gave personal help, first in understanding my unique situations and further by giving me precise feedback and recommendations, they were relentless in finding just the right help for me. Iam ever grateful for their perseverance and caring helpfulness to me and any who may find themselves in financial difficulties. Thanks Ascend, for shouldering the burden.
Cristina Mullins
I got a excellent referral from ascend. I have a huge load taken off my shoulders. I was referred to a excellent bankruptcy attorney who was very through with me. Ascend made sure I got in contact with the referral and I couldn't be happier with who I was partnered with. Ascend followed up with me to make sure I was taken care of. Excellent service!! Highly recommended! 5 stars from me.
Hinten M.
After spending a few years in nonprofit and HR tech, Hinten was drawn to the finance world by Ascend's mission. He loves helping people understand their options to get out of debt and lifting the weight off of people's shoulders! In his free time you can catch him surfing, hiking, or eating new foods!
Hinten was a breath of fresh air.

I accepted a complimentary call because my debt was starting to keep me awake at night. My living situation is changing and now I know for sure the debt is insurmountable.

I went into this call with a pit in my stomach, sweaty and ashamed. Wholly expecting to be met with judgment.

But instead I got Hinten, who instantly energized the conversation with a friendly and positive vibe.

He listened, to the point of understanding and gave me all of my options in clear terms that I can actually understand.

Coming away from that call, I feel refreshed and armed with knowledge. Now I know that this debt won’t bury me, there are ways out and there’s no shame in taking a hand to help you over a hurdle in your path.

Thanks Hinten, thanks Ascend! I’m really looking forward to getting 6 hours of sleep tonight and it’s all thanks to you!
to be honest - i was leery at first, rarely do you find something that's 'free' that actually has value - usually it's just a lead in for a paid service to get to the information you were looking for, not so with Ascend. the online form gave a very thorough 'review' of all options, costs, pros and cons. i followed through - email/text/phone calls, the ascend consultant (Hinten) walked me through things i did not know and was never briefed on by the debt consolidation service (freedom Debt Relief) i'd enrolled with - he then confirmed my suspicions that they were not doing me much good, we looked at other better options, the first one didn't work but that lead suggested another avenue to follow, Hinten hooked me up again with their (Ascend's vetted) contact and i can now see a way out of my financial crisis that will not crush me. thank you!!
Amanda L
Hinten with Ascend was a pleasure to work with. He made sure I got the help I needed and answered any questions that I had. He even followed up with me to make sure everything went well. I appreciate his professionalism.
Lexi N.
After getting an MBA, Lexi is one of the financial analysts who enjoys helping individuals navigate their financial challenges and making a positive impact on people's lives. In her free time, you can find her reading or in the gym.
Robert Black
Lexi was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!!!! She worked with me to my schedule and stayed in contact with me as she promised!!!! I could not ask for a more helpful, caring and thoughtful person than Lexi!!!! She even said she will follow up with me in a couple days to see how things went with the attorney and if it doesnt work out with this one she will help me find another!!! I wish the whole world was infected with the kindness, helpfulness and compassion that your associate Lexi has!!! I look forward to hearing back from her very soon!!! Thank you so much Lexi!!!!
Miguel Galarza
Lexi was an amazing help, put me in touch with the people I needed to be in touch with in order to help move my life in the right direction. Definite recommend!
Suzanne Nelson
I can't say enough about Ascend. They were so helpful and professional. They will access your situation and give their professional opinion on your options. They have the best referrals to help you with what ever option you decide to take. I highly recommend.
Ireny A.
Assisting with SEO content and UX design at the company, some of Ireny's responsibilities include helping with search traffic on our company's website and improving the site experience for our users. Ireny loves designing and technical work since she spent her early career days as an architectural designer so this is her cup of tea!
Megan Heger
They were able to help my husband and I with all the information. We needed, answered all the questions we had, and helped with our anxieties. They kept us informed with every step. I will absolutely reccomend them.
Charday Miller
So glad I stumbled across Ascend. Very helpful and honest. Always going to be my first recommendation for anyone dealing with debt.
Very professional straight forward and willing to do whatever it took to help with my issues!! Would highly recommend to anyone!!
Chelsea B.
Chelsea is one of our Financial Operations Analysts and Human Resources specialist here at Ascend. She has a passion for fostering a vibrant workplace culture. She loves spending time with family, exploring new coffee shops, and traveling to somewhere new.
Megan Heger
They were able to help my husband and I with all the information. We needed, answered all the questions we had, and helped with our anxieties. They kept us informed with every step. I will absolutely reccomend them.
tony okrongly
I used the bankruptcy calculator. You never know what you'll get once you give your information. I was impressed with the personal nature of the contact I received and the comprehensive nature of the solutions offered. This is a great service because they offer a wide range of options from bankruptcy to paying all your debt off and they tell you in detail how each option works.
Raquel Castro
My customer service rep was knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process. Thankful for the help!!
Nathan S.
As a student studying economics and computer science, Nathan brings a unique blend of analytical and financial acumen to his role at Ascend—helping ensure the company's finances align with its goals. Outside of his academic pursuits, he enjoys practicing martial arts.
Michelle Sams
Had a great conversation! They pointed me in the right direction to become debt free! I haven’t been this happy in a long time!
Tara ann Dale
Super helpful! They helped answer every financial question without making me feel pressured or uncomfortable!
rob c
Very thankful for help we received! They are very caring and understanding. Went out of their way when they heard the issues! I recommend them very highly!
Julia H.
Julia is one of our financial analysts and is most passionate about helping others. In her free time, you can find her spending time with her daughter, baking, or taking care of her dogs and chickens!
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Athar Ali
Great and Fast customer service. Financial advisor are super professional and knowledgeable.
Christopher Bahn
Awesome overall experience. Any questions or concerns I had were addressed and I was quickly linked up with an attorney for my filing. Thank you for everything!
Crow Crow
Really appreciate the interest and sincerity the team at Ascend gave my situation, they gave me time to ask questions and provided me with timely options for my financial needs. Great Job!!
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