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I still haven’t met a bankruptcy attorney who went to law school to do marketing to get bankruptcy leads.

One of the biggest free opportunities from our “how to get bankruptcy leads” guide is the Google Maps Local 3-Pack. The purpose of this article is a deep dive into one of the most lucrative bankruptcy lead opportunities. Oh, and it’s free.

The Google Maps 3-Pack is the name of the method that Google uses to show the top 3 local results in Google Maps. For example, if you search “Bankruptcy Attorney Knoxville TN”, you can see below the top 3 results for the Google maps 3-pack.

The Google Maps 3-Pack is an extremely important (and free) way to get bankruptcy leads to your firm.

The challenge is that the Google maps 3 pack can also be very competitive, so the purpose of this article is to help you become more competitive to rank and get free bankruptcy leads.

Why is the Google Local 3-Pack Useful for Bankruptcy Leads?

At Ascend, we spend over $10,000 on Google Ads alone per month across the nation, focusing on bankruptcy keywords. So, let me give a quick primer on how Google ads work in the bankruptcy realm.

  1. Google Ads is an extremely complex tool that Google built to help people manage all Google Ads. It’s a complex tool, which is unfortunate because it makes it difficult for bankruptcy attorneys to win. What makes it more challenging is that Google puts you on a simple version when you sign up, which gives you less flexibility. For example, you may target “bankruptcy”, and get clicks for “do it yourself bankruptcy without an attorney”. Do you want to pay for that search term? No thanks.
  2. Google charges you based on the competition of that keyword. You may pay under $.50 per click for bankruptcy definition, but you may pay over $50 per click for “Bankruptcy Attorney Knoxville TN”.

Google charges based on competition for that keyword. You can rank FOR FREE for “Bankruptcy Attorney Knoxville TN” if you get in the 3 pack, so you can essentially be getting high intent bankruptcy clients to come to you for free either through phone call or through email.

Your next question may be, “How do I rank on the Google Local 3-Pack?”. We will cover that next.

How To Rank For Google Local 3-Pack To Get Bankruptcy Leads

There is some debate on how to rank for Google Local 3-Pack because Google keeps the information pretty tight-lipped. That said, it appears that there is some correlation between elements of your Google My Business profile. Here’s the starting point.

Create Google My Business Profile

First, you need to create a free Google My Business Account. Google Maps uses information from your Google My Business Account when determining where to rank you for bankruptcy-specific keywords. Your account will look something like this when set up.

How Does Google Determine Local Ranking

Google uses 3 things to determine the local ranking:

  1. Relevance
  2. Distance
  3. Prominence

We will cover some things below that can help you increase your relevance, distance, and prominence.

Optimize For Google Local 3-Pack

Let’s now talk about optimization to get in the Google Local 3-Pack.

  1. Make sure your Google My Business account is up to date and relevant. You can use words that you would like to rank for on Google.
  2. Choose the right category for your business. You most likely want to rank for “bankruptcy attorney”, which should be a selection to choose from.
  3. Cultivate Google reviews. We are potentially building a product to streamline this process, so shoot me an email at if you’re interested.
  4. Upload quality images of your business.
  5. Make sure your hours are prominent and accurate. An important thing to consider is that the 3-pack changes. We have specific strategies to address these changes.
  6. Cultivate links to your website from other websites. This can be from local businesses, state businesses, or national businesses. Links from relevant sources help tell Google that you should be displayed in the top rankings.


The Google Local 3-Pack is one of the best ways that you can get bankruptcy leads for free. It requires some work (and lots of strategies) to optimize your Google My Business profile, but that work can be very helpful to get potential clients through the door.

Many bankruptcy attorneys (including my brother) have had horror stories purchasing bankruptcy leads. As such, Ascend built bankruptcy calculators to help clients estimate bankruptcy information and help attorney get quality bankruptcy leads, Drop me a note at if you have any specific questions.

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