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Simple Debt Solutions: Did You Get The Mailer?

Written by Ascend Team
Updated Dec 29th, 2023
This article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal or financial advice.

Did you receive a mailer from Simple Debt Solutions that you may pre-qualify for a debt consolidation loan? Did the mailer point you to add your offer code to 

What did the recent Simple Debt Solutions lawsuit allege? What are the credit requirements, the BBB reviews and the Reddit reviews?

We look at all that and more, so let's get started. 

What Does Simple Debt Solutions offer?

Whenever I hear about debt or loan companies, I tend to potentially cringe a little based on what I discussed in this YouTube video. Some companies legitimately do this, but it seems like others utilize this service to take advantage of people who are stressed and in debt.

I can only provide the research of what I found about Simple Debt Solutions does. 

If a company makes you think that you are getting a loan, but has no means or provides any real chance that you get a loan, I would question any other product that company offers if the original marketing is 100% deceptive. 

The reviews below do show some of that behavior, but I am not sure whether the company also offers loans through lenders as it does have a myriad of good reviews. 

Understanding the Lawsuit

Per Pacer, the lawsuit against Simple Debt Solutions was filed on 4/5/2023. The case was later dismissed with prejudice on 6/28-6/29/2023. With prejudice basically means that plaintiff cannot refile the same case. My estimate from the Pacer filing was that the case was settled for some amount.

That said, what stood out to me about the lawsuit was the process by which the individual alleged that he was contacted by Simple Debt Solutions. 

The Plaintiff, Haydu, alleges that his Simple Debt Solutions representative stated that Haydu did not qualify for a loan, but did qualify for a loan modification program (also known as debt relief) through Five Lakes Debt Relief.

Now debt relief can be a great option for some individuals, but it's helpful to understand potential pros such as saving money and getting out of debt faster, but may not be the case. Here are some of the key cons to consider: 

1) Your debt falls behind, so your creditors may eventually sue you in a debt collection lawsuit to recover funds.
2) If your accounts are current, your credit score could plummet. Using a debt settlement credit score simulator, it showed that a credit score could go down over 150 points!
3) You may actually have to pay taxes on forgiven debt. Now there may be some ways to avoid paying taxes on unpaid debt legally, but it's helpful to estimate whether you may be liable to pay taxes.

In around the same time, the lawsuit alleges that EVVO financial reached out to Haydu to provide consent to market and then stated that there were no offers available for you at this time. This makes it appear that there is some sort of loan type request to Evvo Financial, but it's unclear how many people actually get an offer or what goes into this offer. 

Credit Score Requirements

If Simple Debt Solutions issues loans, I like to always understand credit score requirements. One of my favorite ways to Google search this is to use the "site:" search, so that you can find all information on a website related to that search.

For Simple Debt Solutions, I searched "site: credit score requirements", but unfortunately, I was unable to find anything on the website related to those requirements. This may be due to the fact that Simple Debt may not actually issue loans, but may refer out.
Google search of Simple Debt Soutions credit score requirements
Let's go through reviews next.


When I am reviewing companies, I do my best to pull reviews from the most unbiased sources. I want to read both the positive and the negative reviews to get a sense of my potential experience.

With companies that market loans, I like to look through reviews that talk about the loans and interest rates they received. When looking through two pages of TrustPilot reviews, I was unable to find a review both positive or negative talking about getting a loan, but some individuals such as the review below did mention that they were looking for a loan before getting this option, which provides a question mark in my mind.

TrustPilot review of Simple Debt Solutions


Per Simple Debt Solutions BBB page, the company is accredited as a sales lead generation company with an A+ rating and 1 complaint in the last 12 months and 3 years. The lack of reviews may be due to the recency of the accreditation of 3/1/2022.
Simple Debt Solutions BBB page
At the time of this writing, there were no reviews and only 1 complaint that you can see below.
Simple Debt Solutions BBB complaint example.


I utilized a simple search " simple debt solutions" to understand whether there was a footprint on Reddit for Simple Debt Solutions. I found one article, but there was not interaction between anyone, so I am not sure what I make of the reddit review.

Simple debt solutions Google search for reddit reviews.

Google Reviews

Per Google, Simple Debt Solutions maintains a 4.7 rating based on 26 reviews. 

The positive reviews mention how the individuals were accomodating and help to understand the product.Simple Debt Solutions 5 Star Google review

The negative review mentions the number of calls and texts and how they didn't qualify for the program.
Simple Debt Solutions 1 Star Google review

TrustPilot Reviews

On TrustPilot, Simple Debt Solutions maintains a 4.9 rating based on 1028 reviews.

A recent positive review mentions how a representative was easy to work with and tells you step by step what's good and that he recommends the program.
Simple Debt Solutions 5 Star TrustPilot review
A recent negative review mentions that they mention about stopping making your monthly payments and how the representative allegedly told the individual that she had no options and that her credit score was bad as the individual had it in front of them.
Simple Debt Solutions 1 Star TrustPilot review

More Information About Simple Debt Solutions

When researching companies, I like to understand more about how long a company has been around and the internet history of a company. Simple Debt Solutions LLC (per California business filings) filed in California on 7/23/2020, but it is an out of state LLC from Delaware, so it's unclear how long the company has actually be around.

Wayback Machine shows interesting data for Simple Debt Solutions. Wayback Machine shows internet history of how a website changed over time. From the website screenshot from April 11, 2021, it appears that Simple Debt Solutions may not have used the mailers from the beginning. Instead, it looks like the site used to advertise specifically that iwas a debt relief company.

Picture of Simple Debt Solutions website in 2021 pitching debt relief.

Other Options to Handle Your Debt

Many people prefer to try to get a debt consolidation loan before looking at options such as debt management, debt payoff planning, debt settlement or bankruptcy. If you've searched far and wide for a loan and can qualify, consider taking the free debt consolidation program cost calculator below that allows you to compare to other options.


It's unclear whether Simple Debt Solutions offers loans through Evvo Financial or whether it's primary goal is to enroll you in a debt relief program that could negatively affect your credit and result in a debt colleciton lawsuit.

So, it can be helpful to do your own research regardless of what option you choose.