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Golden Law LLP reviews: 3 Things You Need to Know

Written by Ascend Team
Updated Jan 11th, 2024

Debt settlement companies like Golden Law LLP have increased in popularity over the past few years. Often times, these firms use tactics to reduce your debt for less than what you owe - this is done over a 2-5 year period. However, not all debt settlement companies are created equal. 

You may have heard of Golden Law LLP. You might find yourself wondering what they are all about? 

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Let’s go through the reviews.

Golden Law LLP Reviews

In my opinion, two of the most unbiased, holistic review sites are BBB reviews and complaints and Google reviews. It may tend to be a bit more negative, but it seems to be a source of information.


On BBB, Golden Law LLP currently has a 1.25 rating based on 12 reviews, and a A+ rating. They have had 21 complaints closed in the last 3 years, 7 of those have been closed in the last 12 months. 

Picture of the Golden Law LLP BBB page

Many of their complaints are about the process and how Golden Law LLP was not upfront about all that was entailed. However, appear to respond to complaints quickly and reach a resolution with both parties as seen bellow. You can see the clients original complaint, and then in the business response section you see that the customer responded that the compliant was handled. 

Picture of Golden Law LLP complaint.

One review that I found particularly interesting on the BBB was that someone agreed to a monthly payment amount, but Golden Law reached out and asked for a higher payment amount to help settle the accounts. You will see that she mentioned that in her review (bellow) and that Golden Law LLP responded saying that they disagreed with what she was saying. However, the client went a step further and elaborated in more details about her experience in response to their comment. There were not any additional comments added after. 

Picture of Golden Law LLP 1 star review.

What I found interesting about the Golden Law LLP response is that they respectfully disagree, but didn't provide much information to further the individual's research. If your company gets a 1.25 rating based on 5 reviews, you may want to look at the process to see if anything can be tightened up.

A customer response of Golden Law LLP.

According to the BBB, Golden Law LLP has been in business since 2007, but their BBB profile was created in 2017. It very much appears that Golden Law LLP is somehow related to Chabner Legal Group, which we wrote a separate review of.

Brandon Chabner appears to lead Golden Law LLP.


Upon doing a google search for Golden Law LLP, I did not come across any reviews or even a Google My Business Profile. I even searched “Golden Law LLP” with the address listed ont their website for accuracy. 


There was not a profile or any reviews that I was able to find on Trustpilot either. In my experience, I have seen companies send people over to TrustPilot for reviews, so I don't often write about its reviews in my reviews, but just like with Google, I could not find any. 

So, What is Golden Law LLP?

Golden Law LLP appears to be a law firm that is pitching debt settlement. They also appear to offer other services such as bankruptcy, Fair Credit Reporting Act issues, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act issues and real estate law. 

They are located at 2447 Pacific Coast Highway, 2nd Floor, Hermosa Beach, California, 90254. When you google their address it comes up as an office building with lease options from one day up to a year at a time. There are various other businesses located in the same building. 

Golden Law LLP has it's main office as potentially a temporary office.

I found it interesting that they do not pitch debt settlement on their website (source:, and they do list their office phone number and address. Their website is short with not much information about the services that they provide. There are a few blurps of data new the bottom discussing their services, but not much more than that. 

Golden Law LLP service options.

When you click on any of the above articles, you get redirected to a 404 error. 

Golden Law LLP 404 page when clicking on its website.

When I review entities, I like to see how long the website has been around. As such, I found that Glacier Bay Law’s website may be rather new.

For example, I found that first pulled Golden Law LLP home page screenshot was from just May 17, 2021, which is less than 2 years later than when this article was written.

Golden Law LLP wayback machine from May 17, 2021.

Your Options

Let's go through some options that you have.

  • Firstly, if you have any other things to add to this article, please consider contacting me at 833-272-3631. I’d love to hear about your experience.
  • Secondly, if you would like to stay enrolled with Golden Law LLP, you may want to read through the client services agreement. Is Golden Law charging fees before settling debts because it's a law firm? Has it settled many accounts?
  • If you’d like to cancel, you may be able to contact Golden Law directly.