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Harbor Legal Group Debt Settlement Reviews

Written by Ascend Team
Updated Jan 11th, 2024

Have you recently received an mailer or ad from Harbor Legal Group for a debt consolidation loan? Did you find out you didn’t qualify after applying but qualified for their debt settlement program instead? 

What is this company? What does this mean? 

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Let’s go through the reviews.

Harbor Legal Reviews

In my opinion, two of the most unbiased, holistic review sites are BBB reviews and complaints and Google reviews. It may tend to be a bit more negative, but it seems to be a source of information.

What I found surprising was that there was a current BBB alert for Harbor Legal Group showing a pattern of complaint. It’s the first time I’ve seen this type of alert.

BBB put up an alert for Harbor Legal to warn individuals that they have received many complaints about the company not being honest in their pricing and service

So, what are the other reviews?


On BBB, Harbor Legal Group currently has a 1/5 rating based on 2 reviews, and a F rating. When I see these types of reviews, I wonder whether someone else is signing people up for Harbor Legal Group, and that Harbor Legal Group is not doing direct marketing.

Harbor Legal has an F rating on BBB

Both of these reviews mention that Harbor Legal Group does not do their job or hold up to their end of the agreement. One review even mentioned that they paid over $33,000 and the legal group ended up just pocketing $18,000 and the debt was still not paid off.

Photo showing two reviews giving Harbor 1 star


On Google, Harbor Legal Group has a 1.5 rating based on 24 reviews.

Picture shows the Google rating/reviews for Harbor Legal Group.

One of the reviews mentioned that Harbor gave him the run around and when he tried to contact them to resolve the situation, he ended up being on hold for over 3 hours. After giving a bad review and making a complaint on BBB, the legal group contacted him to try and make things right. However, after rejoining the program, the exact same thing was done. They did not resolve the accounts. 

The other review also says they were on hold for an extended period of time and that Harbor Legal Group did not deliver on their services and made excuses. There is little to no communication and this review actually tells people to stay away from Harbor Legal Group.

A Google review of 1 star

Another Google review giving 1 star

So, What is Harbor Legal?

Harbor Legal Group appears to be a law firm that is pitching debt settlement. I wouldn’t be surprised if Harbor Legal Group was tied to a much bigger organization as it appears that there are more of these firms that have similarities. 

When I look at these companies, I like to understand how old the website is and see any information I can about the company.

What I found interesting is that Wayback machine image of the Harbor Legal Group shows that the website has been around for over 8 years, so it appears that this company has been around for a while.

Image shows that Harbor Group Legal Group's home page has been around since at least March 20, 2015.

Your Options

Firstly, if you have any information or personal experience with Harbor Legal worth sharing, please consider contacting me at 833-272-3631. I’d love to hear about it.

If you are considering continuing in the program with Harbor Legal, consider doing research on your own and reading their Client Services Agreement. Some questions to ask yourself would be, why are they taking out fees before any action has taken place? What are they actually doing? What is the percentage in fees that they are charging you? 

If you’d like to cancel, you may be able to contact them directly, but you may also have to get assistance from your bank if they do not allow you to cancel the program easily or if they are unreachable.