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Phoenix Law Reviews: What Is The BBB? Did LPG Transfer You?

Written by Ben Tejes
Updated Sep 19th, 2023
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Ascend's goal is to help people get out of debt cheaper, easier and faster, and we found that it was helpful to provide up-to-date information about Litigation Practice Group. If you have debt with Litigation Practice Group that needs to be resolved, please consider taking our free debt resolution option calculator to compare options as the debt may be behind and may result in debt collection lawsuits.

Please also considering watching our "DON'T do debt validation before..."Youtube video covering how Phoenix Law Group debt validation program may work and alternatives.

8/17/2023 Update: You may have gotten an email stating your account is now with Morning Law Group. We wrote an article covering what we know about Morning Law Group.

8/16/2023 Update: Many people have been SUED for the unpaid debt, which is why they are looking into their Litigation Practice Group / Phoenix Law Group account.

We built the following debt relief calculator to help you understand how to resolve your debt if you've been sued and if your debt has actually not been addressed since starting the LPG program.

8/3/2023 Update: We just wrote a new article covering the Phoenix Law Group BBB page that mysteriously disappeared. Where did it go?

7/13/2013 Update: We received notification that the special counsel to the Chapter 11 trustee has ordered a sale of Litigation Practice Group. Are you currently in the Phoenix Law Program, but got information about this LPG bankruptcy and sale?

Apparently, the sale may produce a fund which consumer clients who were harmed by former management's role can file claims of compensation, but it's unclear from the email how to file your claim and how much the claim would be. It's unclear as well which law firm would want to purchase Litigation Practice Group considering what has transpired over the last year.

Phoenix Law Group customers received an email about LPG sale.

6/6/2023 Update: We corresponded with an individual who stated that they received the following text message, "Hello, I am an ex LPG employee. I saw your number on the comment section of an article about LPG. LPG sold your account to Phoenix law. Phoenix Law is actually same as LPG, same head attorney and owner. The attorney is barred from practicing. Phoenix Law is a Trojan horse company stealing people's hard earned money. I found out all this after I was fired from LPG and they filed BK. LPG and Phoenix Law and Oakstone law are all going through an investigation as we speak. Call Phoenix law 424-622-4044 and demand to speak to Ty Carrs and demand your money back. These are not good people. Their office is being investigated by the BK trustee. It's on the news. They scam elderly as a form of debt resolution. It's all BS. Send me a confirmation that you got this but please don't expect a reply. My job is to spread the news because yall deserve it to know. God bless and good luck."

5/4/2023 Update: There has been a new lawsuit filed against Phoenix Law, PC under case 3:23-cv-05404. The complaint alleges that there was nothing in the Legal Service Agreement that authorized Litigation Practice Group to assign, sell or transfer the Plaintiff's account to any third party. Editor note: In this case that would be that LPG cannot transfer an account to Phoenix Law.

It further alleges that on Mach 17th, the defendant, Phoenix Law texted the Plaintiff advising them that Phoenix Law would be withdrawing funds from the account. The Plaintiff responded that he did not recognize the charge and did not consent to the withdrawal. Despite his efforts, Phoenix Law still withdrew $424.34 out of the account on March 20, 2023 putting the individual's account in the negative.

5/3/2023 Update: A reader mentioned that Oakstone’s payment processor relationship was terminated, so individuals may see a bank payment with description, PhxLaw. 

Did you get an email stating, “Welcome to Phoenix” recently stating that your account was transferred from Gallant Law Group, potentially via Litigation Practice Group before that? Did it provide a number to call at 4246224044?

What is going on? What are Phoenix Laws reviews and BBB? Can you get a refund from your Litigation Practice Group fees? What can you do now?

We will cover all that and more, so let’s get started.

Please also note that this is NOT Phoenix Law located in Livonia, Michigan.

Can I Get A Refund From Litigation Practice Group?

Unfortunately, on 3/20/2023, Litigation Practice Group filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy in California, which may make it much harder to get a full refund any time soon. If you aren’t familiar with Chapter 11 bankruptcy, you can read this article about the Chapter 11 bankruptcy process.

With a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, you may have to file a Proof of Claim which says that you are a creditor that is owed money from the bankruptcy filing.

What is Phoenix Law PC?

Phoenix Law PC appears to have a brand new website as of February 2023, so it's unclear whether Phoenix Law just came about due to Litigation Practice Group’s challenges.

For example, take a look at how recently the Phoenix Law website appeared. Firstly, it appears from Wayback Machine that the Phoenix Law website's first actual crawl was on February 12, 2023 (source) with the previous crawl in 2022, just stating that the website was for sale. 

Phoenix Law website appears to have just been crawled for first time on February 12, 2023

Does Phoenix Provide Debt Settlement?

Phoenix Law doesn’t appear to even offer debt settlement services. In debt settlement, you are actually resolving debt, but the debt relief firm would have an escrow account that you sent funds to review the accounts. Have you received anything from the Litigation Practice Group about which accounts have been settled?

If not, this may show that the Litigation Practice Group was never actually settling debt.

Does Phoenix Provide Credit Repair?

From my review, it does not appear that Phoenix Law provides credit repair services. Instead, it appears that it focuses on debt and collection efforts on behalf of the consumer.

So, What Are You Paying For?

Phoenix law may provide a combination of debt validation/dispute services for accounts after the accounts have gone behind. 

Basically, these companies may send dispute or validation letters over a period of time and then try to wait until the debt is past the statute of limitations.

The challenge with this approach is that you could be sued for debt that goes behind, so sending out blanket dispute letters to debt collectors where the debt is actually yours may not work.

Phoenix Law Group Reviews

As the website appears to have just been formed back in February 2023, it was difficult to find any reviews pertinent to Phoenix Law Group.


At first, I could not find any BBB page for Phoenix Law Group as this wasn’t to be confused with Phoenix Legal Group that is located at PO Box 629, Highland, MI 48357-0629.

That said, by using the name and address in Los Angeles I was able to access the Phoenix Law BBB page that was also open in February 2023. What's interesting is that it shows that Phoenix Law has a pending accreditation and an A+ even though it just opened its BBB account on 2/21/23. 

Picture of the Phoenix Law BBB page.

What’s interesting is the complaints, which we will go through next.

BBB Complaints

Let’s go through the Phoenix Law BBB complaints. One reviewer mentioned how difficult it has been to try to cancel their account with Phoenix Law. 

Here’s what the reviewer stated, “We decided that we would like to cancel our contract with Phoenix Law. I have sent at least three emails and no one has contacted me to discuss cancellation.”

What I found interesting about the complaint is that it took another 8 days from the initial complaint for the business to respond with the ability to cancel even though the reviewer allegedly had already sent 3 emails to cancel.

Image shows Phoenix Law BBB complaint stating that it was difficult to cancel the service.

Another complaint highlighted how the Phoenix Law took out money on the 9th and 20th, and the reviewer alleges that the company did not return the money.

Image shows a BBB complaint of Phoenix Law.

Google Reviews

I could not find any Google reviews for Phoenix Law after finding their address. 

Image shows a Google search showing that Phoenix Law Group may not have Google reviews

How To Cancel Phoenix Law And Your Options

Here are 4 things to consider:

  1. If you wish to continue with them, you may want to fully understand what Phoenix Law Group is actually doing for your accounts. 
  2. If you’d like to cancel, you can contact Phoenix Law Group at (424) 622-4044 or email them at
  3. If you are canceling, it may take time to cancel, so you may consider contacting your bank to see what would happen if Phoenix Law attempts to pull the payment after you initiated the cancellation.
  4. If you’d like to understand how to resolve debt that is current in your Phoenix Law program, please fill out the form below. I can help you understand how to deal with the debt as well by going through all your options.