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Slate Legal Group Reviews: 3 Things to Know

Written by Ascend Team
Updated Jan 11th, 2024

If you’re looking for a way to get out of debt, you may have come across Slate Legal Group. What is this company? What do they do? What are the reviews? Should you sign up?

If you have been involved with Slate Legal Group, please consider calling me at 833-272-3631 as I am constantly adding more information to this article that can help other users.

But let’s go through the reviews.

Slate Legal Reviews

If you ask me, two of the most unbiased, holistic review sites are BBB for reviews and complaints and Google reviews. Review sites may tend to be a bit more negative, but they seem to be a good source of information and help us understand customer experiences with a Slate Legal Group.

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So, what are the other reviews?


On BBB, Slate Legal Group currently has a 1.19 rating based on 42 reviews, and a B+ rating. When I see these types of reviews, I wonder whether someone else is signing people up for Slate Legal Group. I wonder if Slate Legal Group is not doing direct marketing themselves.

The Slate Legal BBB page showing a 1.19/5 star reviews

One of the reviews such as the one below speaks about how Slate Legal Group ended up charging nearly 60% in fees to have this person’s debt negotiated. In addition, the reviews reflect a lack of responsiveness and terrible customer service.

Two Slate Legal BBB reviews warning to not use this company

It seems like there are many people who are unhappy with Slate Legal Group.


On Google, Slate Legal Group has a 2.6 rating based on 40 reviews. 

One of the biggest things I noticed from the Google reviews is that many people reported the Slate Legal Group would take their fees before anything was settled. Slate Legal Group’s Google reviews also reflect a lack of responsiveness and good customer service. The person below even mentions that they had to call Slate Legal Group to remind them to make the payments.

Here is the review that Google says is most relevant:

A Google review of Slate Legal stating that they do not recommend using this company

So, What is Slate Legal Group?

Slate Legal Group appears to be a Debt Relief law firm that is pitching debt settlement. I wouldn’t be surprised if Slate Legal Group was tied to a much bigger organization as it appears that there are more of these firms that have similarities. 

When I look at these companies, I like to understand how old the website is and see any information I can about the company.

What I found interesting is that Slate Legal Group's website (per Wayback machine) has been around for almost 5 years according to BBB, but their website is only 3 years old.

Their website is only 3 years old, even though the business has been around for about 5 years

Your Options

You may be wondering what you should do now? You are not stuck in your program with Slate, you can get out! Try to contact them or your bank if you are unable to reach Slate. If you have any other things to add to this article, please consider contacting me at 833-272-3631. I’d love to hear about your experience.

If you would like to stay with Slate Legal Group, you may want to read the Client Services Agreement in its entirety. If they are taking out fees before settlement, why are they doing that? What are they actually doing for you and what’s the percentage fee they charge?