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Spring Legal Group Debt Consolidation Reviews: 3 Things to Know

Written by Ascend Team
Updated Jan 30th, 2024
1/29/2024 Update: Spring Legal was mentioned as a potential facade law firm indicated in the CFPB lawsuit for deceptive debt relief practices.

As such, I shot this video below to help you understand what's going on. Please considering watching the video and then calling or texting me at 408-543-8617 if you have any questions about your options next.

Did you receive a debt consolidation loan pre-qualification mailer for a low interest rate loan, but did you not qualify when applying? Did you end up qualifying for a debt consolidation program via Spring Legal? What happened? 

Let’s go through the reviews.

Also, if you have been involved with Spring Legal Group, please consider calling me at 833-272-3631 as I am constantly adding more information to this article that can help other users.

Spring Legal Reviews

In my opinion, two of the most unbiased, holistic review sites are BBB reviews and complaints and Google reviews. It may tend to be a bit more negative, but it seems to be a source of information.

What I found on Spring Legal Group’s BBB is that as of the writing of this article, the profile is being updated. As such, the reviews and complaints are not shown at this moment.

Spring Legal BBB page getting updated

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You joined a debt consolidation program, and now you may have been sued for unpaid debt and your credit score may have plummeted. So, what are alternatives to debt consolidation? 

We built a free debt consolidation alternatives calculator below that compares cost, duration, and pros and cons of key debt consolidation alternatives.

As such, there's not a lot of information to consider from BBB, so  let’s look at the Google reviews.


On Google, Spring Legal Group has a 3.5 rating based on 99 reviews.

Many of the reviews mention that Spring Legal Group was kind and that the group made them feel comfortable. However, there are a lot of reviews such as the ones below calling Spring Legal Group a scam. One review says the group does no work and takes 80% of your monthly payments to cover fees. Another says they are in worse shape now than before. 

A Google Review stating they fell for a scam Another Google review saying they are in worse shape than before

So, What is Spring Legal?

Spring Legal Group appears to be a law firm that is pitching debt settlement. I wouldn’t be surprised if Spring Legal Group was tied to a much bigger organization as it appears that there are more of these firms that have similarities. 

When I look at these companies, I like to understand how old the website is and see any information I can about the company. What I found interesting is that Spring Legal Groups website may have been around for about 2 years or so per Wayback machine.

Spring Legal Group per Wayback machine in 2021

Another thing I found interesting was that when I searched for the address for Spring Legal Group, I found that 1201 Peachtree St NE, Ste. 200, Atlanta, GA, 30361 is actually a virtual mailbox, so it's unclear whether Spring Legal has a physical location.

Spring Legal Group may just have a virtual mailbox with no physical location

Your Options

Firstly, if you would like to stay with Spring Legal Group, you may want to read the Client Services Agreement in its entirety. If they are taking out fees before settlement, why are they doing that? What are they actually doing for you and what’s the percentage fee they charge?

If you’d like to cancel, you may be able to contact them directly, but you may also have to get assistance from your bank if they do not allow you to cancel the program easily.

If you have any other things to add to this article, please consider contacting me at 833-272-3631. I’d love to hear about your experience.