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Turnbull Law Group Reviews: 3 Things You Need to Know

Written by Ascend Team
Updated Jan 11th, 2024

Did you receive a mailer from Turnbull Law Group telling you that you are prequalified for a debt consolidation loan? When you called, did they mention the debt consolidation program instead? Is this legitimate? How does it work? 

If you require assistance in resolving your debts, it is crucial to work with a trustworthy company. Numerous debt settlement organizations tend to make grandiose promises they cannot fulfill. Some may ask for funds upfront without helping you get out of debt. Others may tack on more unexpected fees as time passes. Others may need to take action to settle your debt, negatively impacting your credit score. –This last sentence isn’t deception, it's just the reality of a DS program

Turnbull Law Group is among the companies providing debt settlement services. In this review, we will assess Turnbull Law Group to determine if they merit your attention.

What Is Turnbull Law Group?

Turnbull Law Group is a legal firm that assists individuals in challenging creditors in court and facilitates debt settlement negotiations. Established in 2019, Turnbull Law Group offers an alternative to minimum debt payments, enabling clients to resolve their debts. The firm handles various debts, including mortgages, car loans, student loans, and credit card debts.

Debt settlement can be a great option for some people, but your credit score could tank and you could also face a debt collection lawsuit.

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Turnbull Law Group's contact information is as follows:

+1 800-674-1504

332 Michigan Ave #900, Chicago, IL
60604, United States

Does Turnbull Law actually not have an office?

One of the biggest things I found from my research is that Turnbull Law may not actually have a physical office. For example, it seems like the company may just have a virtual office based on the address, which means that you may actually be able to have the same address as Turnbull Law. See the image below.

It appears Turnbull Law Office is a virtual location.

Has Your Credit Been Negatively Affected? What Are Alternatives?

You joined a debt consolidation program, and now you may have been sued for unpaid debt and your credit score may have plummeted. So, what are alternatives to debt consolidation? 

We built a free debt consolidation alternatives calculator below that compares cost, duration, and pros and cons of key debt consolidation alternatives.

Let's next look at some of the Turnbull Law reviews.

Turnbull Law Group Reviews

Although this firm has negative reviews, some are positive. In these positive reviews, clients are praising Turnbull Law Group for their assistance, understanding, and positive results. The company also actively responds to negative reviews, indicating a commitment to addressing client concerns. That said, some of the negative reviews are scatching, so let's jump right into the details.

Turnbull Law May Charge Fees Before Settling Debt.

With debt negotiation, Turnbull Law Group operates on a payment structure where fees are only charged once the client accepts a settlement offer. Unlike other legal services, no upfront retainer fees are associated with debt negotiation.

However, Turnbull Law Group’s services are subject to certain limitations. The services are available only in the states where their attorneys are licensed. Additionally, this firm's debt negotiation services are specifically designed for consumers with a minimum debt of $12,000.

Also, it could be helpful to understand how fees are taken. For example, please see the following TrustPilot review that mentioned that they took out $4223 in fees for one debt. While it’s not clear how much the original debt was, this individual seems to have been taken back by the amount of the fee.

1 star review for Turnbull Law on TrustPilot.

Let’s next cover the BBB reviews.


Turnbull Law Group maintains a D+ rating on BBB, and is not currently BBB accredited.

Turnbull Law Group on BBB

Despite not being BBB accredited, Turnbull Law Group has an average rating of 4.68 out of five stars based on 583 customer reviews. Additionally, 43 customer complaints closed in the last three years, with 31 closed in the last 12 months.

One recent complaint mentions a collection issue. After reviewing the contract, the customer said they decided not to proceed, but Turnbull Law Group took the money from their account. However, the status of this complaint is listed as "Answered."

Positive customer reviews also mention that their experiences with Turnbull Law Group have provided peace of mind. Among the positive reviews is a consumer stating that she liked Turnbull's responsiveness to emails and their understanding of her financial situation. It is worth noting the pattern of complaints highlighted on the BBB website. 


Turnbull Law Group reviews on Google.

Turnbull Law Group has a mixed reputation based on the limited Google reviews. This company has a Google rating of 4.2 out of five stars after 281 reviews. One review highly recommends Turnbull Law Group for debt settlement. Another consumer appreciates the helpful and kind support she receives whenever she has inquiries.

Mary, a reviewer, expresses gratitude for Turnbull Law Group’s assistance in working with her creditors to cut her debt in half. The reviews are relatively recent, suggesting that the positive experiences mentioned are recent.

Overall, the Google reviews highlight several positive aspects of Turnbull Law Group, including the helpfulness and kindness of their staff, the ease of their program, and their ability to negotiate debt settlements.


Turnbull Law Group reviews on TrustPilot

Turnbull Law Group seems to have a mixed reputation among its clients in Trustpilot. This law firm is rated 4.4 stars. One recent consumer reported a positive experience with Turnbull Law Group regarding credit repair. He mentioned that the company kept its word and assisted him promptly. 

Other consumers, too, have expressed satisfaction with Turnbull Law Group, stating that this company made them feel like there was light at the end of the tunnel. They commended the company for helping them on their journey to financial freedom.

How Debt Consolidation Programs Works

Turnbull Law Group offers a debt settlement program to help clients eliminate their debts. Turnbull gives one-on-one consultations with an attorney before enrolling to ensure clients make informed decisions. Clients are supported by a licensed attorney who will oversee the entire process and offer representation in case any creditors resort to legal action to collect the debt. 

Once enrolled, clients make monthly deposits into an FDIC-insured Dedicated Account, which remains under their ownership and control. Turnbull Law Group formulates a negotiation strategy tailored to the specific creditors and outstanding amounts as the funds accumulate.

Turnbull’s attorneys and negotiators work directly with creditors to negotiate reduced amounts owed. Once an agreement is reached, the attorney will present it to the client for approval. Upon arrival, the funds in the Dedicated Account will be utilized to pay the creditors and cover Turnbull’s fees for facilitating the settlement. 

The process continues until all debts are fully paid off, and the duration of the program can vary depending on individual circumstances. It may last anywhere between 24 to 48 months.

Take Our Free Consolidation Alternatives Calculator

If you have debt that needs to be resolve, we built the free debt resolution options calculator below for you. It's 100% free and doesn't require an email address unless you'd like an additional review.

Alternatives to Debt Settlement

There are several various alternatives to debt settlement that consumers can consider. One option is negotiating directly with creditors without needing a debt settlement company. You can make your monthly payments more manageable by contacting your creditors and discussing the possibility of lowering interest rates.

Another alternative is seeking credit counseling to develop a budget. Many individuals facing credit card debt often believe they don't earn enough to cover their payments. However, they need to budget their money more efficiently.

A debt management plan may also suit you during the credit counseling process. These plans aim to help consumers eliminate credit card debt within five years or less.

Filing bankruptcy is another alternative to debt settlement.


Although some clients may value having a lawyer involved in their debt negotiation program, they should consider alarming aspects. Alarming aspects may include BBB alerts, consumer complaints, and other issues.  The fact that clients have successfully settled debts for reduced amounts is a positive outcome of Turnbull Law Group.