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Clear Creek Legal Reviews: 3 Things to Know

Written by Ascend Team
Updated Feb 7th, 2024
2/7/2024 Update: We have heard of clients that have had challenges reaching Clear Creek Legal. Here's the Clear Creek Legal phone number. We have spoken with 2 people that are also contacting Global Holdings (potentially the escrow account that Level One Law uses) directly potentially at (877) 271-1550 to get their money back, but haven't seen success yet. We will plan to continue to provide updates when we have them.

1/29/2024 Update: Clear Creek Legal was mentioned as a potential facade law firm indicated in the CFPB lawsuit for deceptive debt relief practices.

On 1/29/2024, I shot and uploaded this law firm. Please considering watching the video and then calling or texting me at 408-543-8617 if you have any questions about your options next.

So, did you receive a Panther Funding or Golden Eagle Lending mailer that pre-qualified you for a low interest debt consolidation loan? Did you get denied for the loan, but a Strategic Consulting representative stated that you qualified for Clear Creek Legal's debt consolidation program (similar to this BBB complaint)?

If this is you, this article is for you. We will look at how these companies work, the BBB reviews and rating, and what Redditors say.
Clear Creek Legal BBB complaint per Strategic Consulting

Let's get started.

What is Clear Creek Legal?

According to Pennsylvania's business filings, Clear Creek Legal is an active company as of 11/21/2022. It's interested entity is related to Dakis Legal Group LLC, which goes in line with the BBB page that states Gabe Dakis is the founder.

Picture of Clear Creek Legal Pennsylvania business filing

Clear Creek Legal appears to offer debt consolidation program.

As a refresher, a debt consolidation program is also often known as debt settlement. This is different from a debt consolidation loan, which involves receiving funds in your bank account. If you are searching for a debt consolidation loan, there are three companies that we recommend that only perform a soft credit check and do not charge prepayment penalties. Keep in mind that it may be helpful to compare rates from multiple sources to get the best deal. If you are unable to qualify for a debt consolidation loan, debt settlement may be an option to consider.

Debt settlement involves a third party negotiating and settling your debts on your behalf with the goal of finding a lower payment that will fully satisfy the debt you owe. For example, a debt settlement company may try to settle a $10,000 credit card balance for $5,000, potentially saving you money and lowering your monthly payment. However, it's important to note that debt settlement may not be the best option for everyone as you can be sued while in a debt consolidation program and your credit score may drop.

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2 Top Debt Consolidation Loan Options
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Clear Creek Legal History

One of my favorite things to do is utilize WayBack machine to understand potential age of a company's website. When I used WayBack machine to find Clear Creek Legal, I found that the website may have created on or around March 12, 2023, which means that the company could be very new. It also could mean that there were just no screenshots pulled before that time frame.
Wayback machine picture of Clear Creek Legal showing lack of history.

Has Your Credit Been Negatively Affected? What Are Alternatives?

You joined a debt consolidation program, and now you may have been sued for unpaid debt and your credit score may have plummeted. So, what are alternatives to debt consolidation? 

We built a free debt consolidation alternatives calculator below that compares cost, duration, and pros and cons of key debt consolidation alternatives.

To help you make an informed decision, let’s look through the Clear Creek Legal Group BBB and Reddit Reviews.

Clear Creek Legal Group Reviews

Let's look at the reviews.


On BBB, Clear Creek Legal got it's BBB rating revoked and currently has a 1.88 rating based on 8 reviews. The section below states why Clear Creek Legal had it's accreditation revoked, but let's look at the reviews and complaints as well. 

Picture of Clear Creek Legal BBB page and rating.


There were 3 Clear Creek Legal BBB complaints. Let's go through 2 of the complaints. The first mentioned how it was difficult to get a refund.
Picture of Clear Creek Legal LLC BBB complaint.

The second complaint mentions how all of the fees were taken from his/her account when they decided to cancel.
Picture of Second Clear Creek Legal LLC BBB complaint.

Let's look at the reviews.


There were 6 1 star reviews, 1 5 star and 1 4 star review for a rating of 1.88.

The first review mentioned how they were promised a full refund, but that they never received a refund. Instead, the individual stated that additional fees were due.
Picture of Clear Creek Legal LLC BBB review

Let's look at what I found on Reddit.


I like to see what Redditors say as I find that it feels less biased. Unfortunately, I could not find anything on Reddit related to Clear Creek Legal despite trying the search multiple different ways.

Picture of Google search of "Clear Creek Legal" debt consolidation reddit Google search
Let's look at how fees may be taken from your account.

Does Clear Creek Legal Group Law take fees before the first settlement?

One question to ask is whether Clear Creek Legal takes fees before settlement. This may be okay if it's a law firm entity, but we have found recently that there are law firms that contract their work out to other entities. If the law firm contracts most of the negotiations work to a debt settlement firm and then pays that debt settlement firms upfront, then it may be that the debt settlement firm actually gets payment before the first settlement.

What Are Your Options If You Don’t Qualify for a Debt Consolidation Loan?

We have 3 debt consolidation loan providers that we vetted, but let’s say that you don’t qualify for any debt consolidation loan.

If you are unable to obtain a debt consolidation loan from Clear Creek Legal LLC, what are your other options? If you are struggling to pay off your debt and have a high debt-to-income ratio, you may want to consider non-profit credit counseling, debt settlement, or debt payoff planning. If you are already experiencing financial hardship, bankruptcy may also be an option to consider. 

To help you understand your choices and the associated costs, we have created a free debt options calculator that does not require you to provide your email address. If you would like additional assistance, however, you can opt to leave your email address to receive additional free resources.