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Glacier Bay Law Reviews: 3 Things You Need to Know

Written by Ben Tejes
Updated Jan 11th, 2024

Did you get a pre-qualification loan mailer where you got pitched with Glacier Bay Law? 

What are the reviews? What's BBB?

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Let’s go through the reviews.

Reviews Breakdown

From my research, Google and BBB tend to have reviews that may be less biased than other review sites, so I often look at those reviews first.

The first thing that I noticed on Glacier Bay Law’s BBB page was that the accreditation has been revoked. The reason was that Glacier Bay did not openly identify the nature, location, and ownership of business and clearly disclose material facts that bear on customer’s decision to buy.

Picture shows that Glacier Bay BBB accreditation was revoked.

That said, let’s look at the other reviews.


Unlike companies such as Phoenix Legal Group who have similar characteristics, Glacier Bay actually has a 4.89 out of 5 based on 83 reviews. That said, it has an F rating on BBB.

Image shows Glacier Bay Law has an F BBB rating.

Some of the positive reviews talk about how the company has been helpful and great with communication. That said, two individuals mentioned in their reviews that they had just started with the company recently, which was actually address in another reviews.

One of the review such as this one speaks about how they had put in a lot of money into thir accounts, and they had only dealt with the smaller accounts.

Picture shows two 5 star reviews of Glacier Bay Law

That said, Bryan D actually mentioned in his 1 start review that the company asks you to review them “right after you start with them”.

So, Glacier Bay may request you to review the company right after enrolling where you may feel the debt burden has been lifted, not when your credit score drops 100 points or the original estimate is $3000 more than planned.

Image shows 1 1 star review of Glacier Bay Law


I couldn’t find any Google reviews for Glacier Bay law even after searching this text, “Glacier Bay Law Ketchikan, AK 99901-6575 Google reviews”. So, it may be that the company never created a Google my business profile.


There were a number of TrustPilot reviews. In my experience, I have seen companies send people over to TrustPilot for reviews, so I don't often write about its reviews in my reviews, but let’s take a quick look as it’s available.

Image shows Glacier Bay Law TrustPilot reviews

Most of the reviews are quite positive with individuals talking about their experience. That said, there was at least one individual that stated a negative experience about the negotiations itself.

So, What is Glacier Bay Law

Glacier Bay Law is a debt relief law firm located at 300 Mill Street, Suite 20, Ketchikan, AK 99901 and appears to be offering debt relief. Glacier Bay Law’s phone number is 1-844-856-9085. One of the things I found fascinating is that Glacier Bay Law appears to be in Alaska, but it’s address states that the company is in “500 Cummings Center, Suite 4500, Beverly, MA 01915” (Source:

When you Google that address, you find the address for DMB Financial, a debt relief firm.

Image shows Google map that potentially connects Glacier Bay Law to DMB Financial

In debt relief, the company would try to negotiate the balance for less than is owed. I have seen similarities across Glacier Bay Law and other entities, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Glacier Bay was part of a much bigger organization.

When I review entities, I like to see how long the website has been around. As such, I found that Glacier Bay Law’s website may be rather new.

For example, I found that first pulled Glacier Bay Law home page screenshot was from just December 5, 2021, which is less than 2 years later than when this article was written.

image shows way back machine showing first scrape of Glacier Bay Law home page

Your Options

Firstly, if you’ve enrolled with or experienced working with Glacier Bay, I’d love to hear about your experience if you’d like to text or call me at 833-272-3631. 

If you would like to stay enrolled with Glacier Bay Law you may want to read the Client Services Agreement in its entirety. Because they are a law firm, have they been taking out fees before settling debt? This is one outstanding question I have.

If you’d like to cancel, you may be able to contact them directly, but you may also have to get assistance from your bank if they do not allow you to cancel the program easily.