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Phoenix Legal Group Debt Settlement Reviews: 3 Things You Need to Know

Written by Ben Tejes
Updated Jan 30th, 2024
1/29/2024 Update: Phoenix Legal was mentioned in the CFPB lawsuit against SFS for deceptive debt relief practices.

As such, I shot this video below to help you understand what's going on. Please considering watching the video and then calling or texting me at 408-543-8617 if you have any questions about your options next.

Did you get a pre-qualification loan mailer where you ended up enrolled with Phoenix Legal Group? What is this company? Also, Phoenix Legal is not to be mistaken for Phoenix Law which is linked to Litigation Practice Group.

Phoenix Legal appears to be providing debt settlement services (aka debt consolidation programs). We will dive into that later, but let's first look at the fee structure.

Does Phoenix Legal charge fees before settling debt?

Many debt settlement services take fees after the first settlement, but there may be an exception for a law firm. When doing our review, Phoenix Legal has some similarities to Boulder Legal Group. Boulder Legal Group's contract states that fees are taken out before settlement. Does your contract look anything like this?
Phoenix Legal Group has similarities to Boulder Legal Group, so this is a snippet of Boulder Legal Group's contract.

In addition, this BBB review mentioned specifically that fees were removed before settlement.

Phoenix Legal BBB review stating that fees are taken upfront.

Has Your Credit Been Negatively Affected? What Are Alternatives?

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Let’s go through the reviews.

Phoenix Legal Reviews

In my opinion, two of the most unbiased, holistic review sites are BBB reviews and complaints and Google reviews. It may tend to be a bit more negative, but it seems to be a source of information.

What I found surprising was that there was a current BBB alert for Phoenix Legal Group showing a pattern of complaint. It’s the first time I’ve seen this type of alert.

Phoenix Legal Group currently has a BBB pattern of complaint alert.

So, what are the other reviews?


On BBB, Phoenix Legal Group currently has a 1.11 rating based on 9 reviews, and a D+ rating. When I see these types of reviews, I wonder whether someone else is signing people up for Phoenix Legal Group, and that Phoenix Legal Group is not doing direct marketing.

Phoenix Legal Group BBB page showing D+ rating

One of the review such as this one speaks about how they had put in a lot of money into thir accounts, and they had only dealt with the smaller accounts.

BBB 1 star review of Phoenix Legal Group


On Google, Phoenix Legal Group has a 1.9 rating based on 7 reviews. One of the biggest things I saw was Phoenix Legal Group. 

One of the biggest things I took from the Google reviews is that the top 3 reviewers stated that the legal group takes out their fees first, which is unlike most other debt relief companies. Potentially, the group is taking out their fees first because they are a law firm and you are retaining the law firm, so you are paying the retainer fee. Regardless, one individual who seemed to make it through the program, stated that the company settled for 67% of charges and didn’t save maybe 10%.

3 Google reviews for Phoenix Legal Group

So, What is Phoenix Legal?

Phoenix Legal Group appears to be a debt relief law firm that appears to be lead by Lori Leigh that is pitching debt settlement.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Phoenix Legal Group was tied to a much bigger organization as it appears that there are more of these firms that have similarities. 

When I look at these companies, I like to understand how old the website is and see any information I can about the company.

What I found interesting is that Phoenix Legal Groups website has been around for almost 9 years, which is much longer than some other entities that are much newer.

What’s really interesting is that from the first pulled Phoenix Legal Group home page screenshot, the email address is related to something called Progress Ad Solutions, which seems to link to another website that is tied directly to a debt settlement ad solution.

Phoenix Legal Group Debt Settlement via Wayback Machine

Your Options

Firstly, if you have any other things to add to this article, please consider contacting me at 833-272-3631. I’d love to hear about your experience.

If you would like to stay with Phoenix Legal Group, you may want to read the Client Services Agreement in its entirety. If they are taking out fees before settlement, why are they doing that? What are they actually doing for you and what’s the percentage fee they charge?

If you’d like to cancel, you may be able to contact them directly, but you may also have to get assistance from your bank if they do not allow you to cancel the program easily.