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Level One Law Reviews: 3 Things to Know

Written by Ben Tejes
Updated May 26th, 2023

Did you receive a Loyal Lending mailer that pre-qualified you for a 3.89% interest debt consolidation loan? After applying, were you denied for the loan, but qualified for a debt consolidation program with Level One Law?

Some of our most interesting finds are actually from the reviews themselves, so we will dive into those after the history and cost.

What is Level One Law?

I recently spoke with someone we will call John. 

He stated that he got the Loyal Lending Mailer, and that he did not qualify for the debt consolidation loan, but working with someone, he was able to qualify for the Level One Law debt consolidation program.

As a refresher, a debt consolidation program is also often known as debt settlement. This is different from a debt consolidation loan, which involves receiving funds in your bank account. If you are searching for a debt consolidation loan, there are three companies that we recommend that only perform a soft credit check and do not charge prepayment penalties. Keep in mind that it may be helpful to compare rates from multiple sources to get the best deal. If you are unable to qualify for a debt consolidation loan, debt settlement may be an option to consider.

Debt settlement involves a third party negotiating and settling your debts on your behalf with the goal of finding a lower payment that will fully satisfy the debt you owe. For example, a debt settlement company may try to settle a $10,000 credit card balance for $5,000, potentially saving you money and lowering your monthly payment. However, it's important to note that debt settlement may not be the best option for everyone.

If you are struggling with debt and unsure of what to do next, we have created a free, unbiased debt options comparison calculator that provides a range of options that may fit your budget. The data is personalized to your income and expenses, so you can get accurate costs, pros and cons, and options without even having to provide your email address.

Level One Law History

Unlike Loyal Lending, I was able to find the Level One Law’s BBB page. I could not find the company in the Florida business registry, but I was able to find Michel Law, LLC in the business directory, which is the alternate business name for Level One Law per BBB. I also found the attorney’s profile in the Florida bar directly.

That said, it does appear the website per ICANN was only created in April, 2022.

Picture of Level One Law ICANN output

In addition, I couldn’t find any previous Level One Law screenshots from Wayback machine, but that may just mean that the website is new.

Picture of Level One Law Way Back machine output

How Much Does Level One Law Debt Consolidation Cost?

If you're considering using Level One Law for debt relief, it's important to understand the cost of this option. At Ascend, we believe that debt settlement can be a good choice, but only if you have considered all of your options and understand the potential drawbacks. That's why we have created a free debt settlement cost calculator that provides an estimate based on your personalized financial information and allows you to compare debt settlement to other options. While this does not provide Level One’s exact cost, it can provide you with the cost of various options.

From John, LevelOne appeared to be charging him a monthly fee, and then a fee based on the percentage of debt. It's worth noting that debt settlement can be less expensive than your current debt payments, but it can also have negative impacts on your credit score

To help you make an informed decision, let’s look through the Level One Reviews

Does Level One Law take fees before the first settlement?

From my interaction with John, it appears that Level One Law may take fees before the first settlement. This may be okay if it's a law firm entity, but we have found recently that there are law firms that contract their work out to other entities. If the law firm contracts most of the negotiations work to a debt settlement firm and then pays that debt settlement firms upfront, then it may be that the debt settlement firm actually gets payment before the first settlement.

Two of the BBB reviews mention that the company takes upfront fees before doing any work. Here are those two reviews.

Level One Law BBB review states that fees are taken upfront.

Another Level One Law BBB review that mentions that fees are taken upfront.

Level One Law Reviews

When we first wrote this article on December 29, 2022, there was just a single BBB review for Level One Law. Now per Level One Law's BBB page, we found 13 reviews with a 3.46 rating out of 5 and 6 complaints in the last 12 months. 

What caught my attention was 2 five star reviews that had almost the exact or the exact same text just 10 days between each other. See for yourself below.

What Are Your Options If You Don’t Qualify for a Debt Consolidation Loan?

We have 3 debt consolidation loan providers that we vetted, but let’s say that you don’t qualify for any debt consolidation loan.

If you are unable to obtain a debt consolidation loan from Level One Law, what are your other options? If you are struggling to pay off your debt and have a high debt-to-income ratio, you may want to consider non-profit credit counseling, debt settlement, or debt payoff planning. If you are already experiencing financial hardship, bankruptcy may also be an option to consider. 

To help you understand your choices and the associated costs, we have created a free debt options calculator that does not require you to provide your email address. If you would like additional assistance, however, you can opt to leave your email address to receive additional free resources.